Close 2 Death is still waging terror!

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Close 2 Death 10 Yrs

Close 2 Death Recordings presents “10 Yrs of C2D” Remixes LP

Our pals at Close 2 Death Recordings have been doing some awesome work over the years. Since 2006, the imprint has been focused putting forth some of the best Drum & Bass. They have released famed artists such as Maztek, Aeph, Future Signal, Neonlight, Prolix, Nick Bee and much more. It’s been a delight to see the label continue to put forth new sound and they are the label to look for the next awesome up and coming artists such as Qo, Merikan, and Rusty K (now known as Magnetude.)  Close 2 Death (C2D) is a high caliber label and they are proving their worth with their latest release.

10 Yrs of Close 2 Death is dropping soon and it is a smasher! This neurofunk remix LP is one to touch the souls of all Drum & Bass fans throughout. I was happy to hear some of the tracks that were chosen for the remixes. When I heard the vocal play from Silent Extent’s “Falling Down” I said, “Whoa! What… is… This?!” And a classic underground neurofunk got Marty McFly’d. The remix, written by Int Company, is such a banger. This track, for its nostalgic feelings and great sound is definitely the best song on the album, to me anyway. You must buy this album upon release. The Int Company remix is my favorite but all remixes stand out. The Clamps remix of Rusty K’s “AC-130” and Kroks remix of Merikan’s “All Crime is Legal” are a couple of other floor stompers.

All in all, the release is awesome and is worth the buy. Listen below!

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