A Beauty of Drum & Bass Design

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Kuldar Leement

A Cauldron full of Talent

We’d like to dedicate this post to digital painters and graphic designers alike. In this we want to acknowledge Graphic Designer, Kuldar Leement. Kuldar is a Graphic Designer from Estonia. Like the area and artists of all sorts from that location, his art proves to stay dark with a pleasing esthetic to any artist. All of the pieces he’s put forth surely shows his talents and we have yet to come across a piece we didn’t like. Kuldar has worked with major Drum & Bass record labels such as Othercide, Blackout, and Bad Taste and as you’ll see, his art fits the neurofunk music.

For Example:

Night of Supernova

Art poses colors and concept like E.T. The Extraterrestrial.


No Man's Sky

“No Man’s Sky” shows how busy art can still show simplicity.

Commissioned work:

Mindscape – Phantom EP on Blackout

Zombie Cats “Zombots” EP (Bad Taste)


For more of Kuldar’s work:

deviant facebook home Note… His websites navigation is tough to view but is right under his header image.

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Alex Diode is a Drum & Bass enthusiast from MA, USA. He prefers long bass on the drums & neurofunk at sunset.

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