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L33 gets Chopped Up: Karate LP Remixes

Eatbrain Presents L33’s Karate LP Blackbelt Edition

So we have just been hit up with an advanced copy of L33’s Karate LP‘s Blackbelt Edition coming soon on Eatbrain. This is one 2017 has been waiting for! The release is a 5 track EP featuring remixes by Neonlight, Joe Ford, Prolix, Synergy, and a VIP by the original album artist, L33. Eat brain’s curators have chosen a solid team to remix these tracks and each one shares its own flavor of gnarly bass and clean mixes. One does stand apart from the rest to us.

I’ve had a few days to thoroughly listen to the album. I’ve been back and forth trying to figure out my favorite track and have come to a conlclusion. I have chose the track that on first listen made me go “Oooooh!!!!” Thats the Joe Ford Remix of “Drop it Down Low.” Joe Ford was first introduced to my ears under the Breed 12 Inches imprint which was a spin off of the famous Lifted Music record label. He’s consistently put out great musicĀ and leaves us wanting more because he doesn’t put out an abundance of tracks for us to be amazed. Kind of like having top shelf whiskey in that you can’t bank on getting too much knowing your pockets will get empty. Joe Ford does stay relevant and his take on the remix is amazing!

The track initially starts with the “Drop it down for me” sample and enters some nice simple atmosphere with a trance style saw tooth synth. During the build you hear the ever ear trembling rumble of drums, reece synth melody, more synths, drums building, and “I’ll make the club bounce!” The drop hits with a head banging drum line and a sick comb-ish type of reece bass that sounds both “wet” and grimy at the same time. Then into the second drop you are introduced to an epic amen style beat with the same bass. So SICK!

Seriously! Have a listen to the album below:

By Alex Diode

Alex Diode is a Drum & Bass enthusiast from MA, USA. He prefers long bass on the drums & neurofunk at sunset.