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Neonlight returns!

Neon light brings you their super weird tracks “Boom” and “Slap”. We are certainly impressed with the ever growing style of this duo. The tracks however are odd. “Slap” is our favorite of the two and will certainly smash any club. “Boom” is a bit too odd for DNB Magazine’s taste but even still.. is nasty.

“Slap” has an amazing switch in the glitch hop drop. Reminiscent of Ivy Lab and Mefjus, Sunday Crunk with a little less “Funk”

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Blackout Music’s Intergalactic Soldier Drops It Hard

Current Value – Starfleet EP is simply amazing

Current Value (CV) has been in the scene for some time. Since his transition to neurofunk in the recent years, he’s produced amazing music. CV’s Starfleet EP on Blackout Music is no different. Hailing from the depths of our solar voyage, CV cuts through with sick Neurofunk. The title track that may be considered one of his best to date. We had a chance to listen to the full EP in the last few days. I gave it the proper studio listen, cheap speaker listen, and the famed car ride listen. Gotta love my Acura. *smiles*

Starfleet EP is a selection of music that can fit to any set. They are all so good! You can play out the whole EP and not get bored. Starfleet is the title track and it’s like i put on an Iron Man suit and dove into a black hole into the depths of your mind!

It starts with CV’s famed FM drums layered with some real samples, but they’re so tight! The kick and the snare cut through the mix very well and atmosphere through the introduction is sweet. The high pitch synth pad sounds like a filtered square wave… and thats it! No unison, chorus, or anything to make it sound too rave pad like, if you get what I mean. Maybe there’s some reverb and minor things going on but it’s simple yet effective. The break down is erie and the white noise build up brings you to the drop and BOOM! You’re smacked with a sick crunchy bass line, deep subs, and fat drums! Count Dracula bass face for days! The track keeps your intrigued in the switches and is certainly well mixed. Then the second drop surprises you with a change and keeps the track so hectic! I love it!

Current Value is the man and Blackout Music certainly has the ear for choosing amazing Drum & Bass!

SICK! Listen here:

Featured Releases Neurofunk Techstep

Blackout Evolution Vol. 3

Blackout Continues to EVOLVE!

Blackout recently released its Evolutions Vol. 3. This is a fantastic collection from the label with releases from Proxima, Merikan, Spashheads, The Clamps, and Cod3x. Proxima’s “Closely” with its massive baselines and snappy snare. Merikan, however, takes the cake here. This massively hype peace of danger is amazing. The drop and the synth hits in it with that old school reese style bass line is simply “sick” to say the least.


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3 Years Already?!

We at DNB Magazine have been wicked excited for this release since its announcement. While there are some tracks on the release we wish were remixed better, we will certainly say this release is so awesome! A lot of our favorite artists put forth some quality mix downs and exciting ideas to the sounds created in the past history of Blackout Music. Our Favorite tracks are:

Audio – Bag of Bones (Black Sun Empire Remix)

Optiv & BTK – Malfunction

Misanthrop – I Need More (Audio Remix)

Mindscape Feat. Kryptomedic – One Sound (Rido Remix)

Neonlight – Extrasolar (Telekinesis Remix) *Note the original is better but this one bangs so well I don’t care.


Get your copy now!!!