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DNB Magazine TV : EPISODE 2

DNBMAG TV : Episode 2 : Drum & Bass Reviews

Thank you for tuning in to DNBMAG TV Episode 2 brought to you by DNB Magazine! On today’s episode we talk about releases from Bad Taste Recordings, Othercide Records, A R Records, and a free download from Spectrasoul.

Billain – Batbots / Manifold The Remix EP

Bad Taste Recordings brings it again with a mammoth of a extended play release. Billain, a Bosnian drum & bass producer, released the original Batbots and Manifold with Bad Taste on their various artist LP “Black Box Two” in 2013. 4 Years later, the label commissioned some of the best Neurofunk producers to remix the two tracks. Pyhthis (Blackout) and Mindscape (Eatbrain) remixed Batbots. Neonlight (Blackout) and Malux (Bad Taste) took over Manifold. I was so impressed with each of the tracks I honestly cannot say one is better than the other. They are all different but all set smashers. Have a listen to the Malux Remix of Manifold as played on Inspector Dubplate.


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Billain – Batbots / Manifold The Remix EP

Bad Taste is hooking us up this year with some dope remixes!

2017 is coming correct and Bad Taste is raising the bar! February 2nd will show us how remixes are done when Bad Taste Recordings releases Batbots / Manifold The Remix EP. Batbots and Manifold were originally written by Bosnian beat master, Billain. Billain, also known as Adis, is a sound designer who’s skill in FL Studio surpasses most and his outlook on the manipulation of sound surpasses the evolution of time itself. Check out his trailer showcasing some work here. This is an amazing peace of art!

The Remix EP
Now since we have certainly impressed your with Billain’s talents as a sound designer. You must now brace yourself for The Remix EP. The Remix EP takes the sick ideas from Billain and tags them up with Neurofunk Power Houses, Neonlight, Malux, Mindscape, and Pyhthius! As I said you must brace yourself! This EP will blow you away! Every single track is done proper. During promo listening we were asked which track was our favorite or “the best” and this was a tougher decision than buying my house! I literally listened to all tracks twice… Then I began to chose I would click on one remix, then another, then the next, and 20 minutes later, I could still not choose! So, the one I chose was random because I couldn’t dwell on it any longer. Each one of these tracks could fit in your dance floor drum & bass set and so far these are the best remixes of the year! Big Ups to Bad Taste Recordings for a sweet selection and to the producers involved for their talents! Listen to Mindscape’s Remix below and enjoy!

 – BILLAIN Batbots/Manifold The Remix EP –

A Billain – Manifold (Neonlight Remix)
B Billain – Manifold (Malux Remix)
C Billain – Batbots (Mindscape Remix)
D Billain – Batbots (Pythius Remix)

Cat Number: BT055
Digital Release date: 3rd February 2017
Vinyl Release date: TBA
Pre-order >


Trilo Racing to Exit the Panic Room

No Fear from Bad Taste and Trilo

Trilo is certainly a repsected neurofunk producer in the Drum & Bass scene. His sound is typically that type that makes you want to grind deep in the depths of your mind. “Exit Ticket” is certainly neurofunk! While it’s bass is a bit “crunchier” than this style, the tight drums and perfectly levels subs keep it in that deep funk vibe. “Panic Room” is the perfect track for your mix. That ne wave style dark break down and the foley drum fill just before the drop bring you in to a this wide sounding crunchy bass line that keeps you rolling though. Take a listen to how the drums sit as well. Its an amazing peace of engineered music. Big ups to Trilo on this and the infamous Bad Taste Recordings bringing you the best in Drum & Bass music. And the artwork… Is something else!


From the Presser:

Slovakian producer Trilo returns to Bad Taste with a technology driven single bringing gritty and grooving funk into the neuro realm. He brilliantly executes his style of blending theatrical atmospheric’s and signature sound-design with these two tracks.

With the current state of the world we live in, often feeling trapped behind technology and everyday life, it’s important to have a way out, an exit ticket of sorts…

Neurofunk Techstep

Kodin has great taste!

Bad Taste Recordings brings forth Kodin featuring Billain

Kodin  (Eatbrain, Mindtech, Close 2 Death) comes from Croatia with some massively technical sounds. “Get Yourz” starts off with a simple pad and atmosphere. While simple it is a “pretty”sound. the pad then comes pitched up to build you up into the drop. This is where its at! The drop is bad ass. With deep, crunchy bass, and those chopped up vocals, this track is seriously NEURO funky. Throughout the track you get a sense of that neuron vibe. The from synth hits, filtered chords this A side certainly does the trick and is needed for your deep mind adventures.

Then there is this track… Oh my epicness! Billain and Kodin team up on the track “Exobiota.” This track is beautifully arranged. The intro has some epic dark anime style pads. You and I will agree that the intro pads and strings can be a stand alone track. The brass comes through so well. The intrigue continues with the synth in the break down to build up. The hoover style synth brings you in, pitching up, raising you into OBLIVION! “I’m seeing things” and BOOM the drop! Certainly noticeable, billion drums and fast has with a crunchy sampled bass line. We dig it. Epic track from the duo. You need this. Probably one of the greatest workout beats out there for sure.

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All American Drum & Bass

Flex Records brings you the Altered States LP


L Double’s Flex Records brings it big this time with releasing a fantastic release of immense proportions. The label that hails from UK got a group of artists and signed some of their best tracks for an good ol’ All American party! We were excited to hear about this from its conception. This gave an opportunity for these artist to mingle and grow as producers. It also shows what is to come in the future of American Drum & Bass. The land of the free and the home of the bass!

Lets be real here. I’m biased and I think my tracks on the LP are the best. HA! But in all honesty I had to choose my top 5 from the plethora of talent that comes through this EP.



#1 is the intro track Glitch & Pish Posh “Before Adam.” This is what neurofunk is all about. The track brings you back to the days of Kemal, Rob Data, etc. The erie atmospheres, stabbing filtered synths, tight bass stabs and smooth neuro drums hit so well on a big system.

Space Journey

#2 is Space Journey’s “Arcturi.” While I wish the track was a little meatier in the midrange the drop wobble is so sick! The switch
is so much better! That switch hits super fast with the synth stabs flying you through the maze of bass! Great track if I do say so myself. And… I am. *wink*

#3 is Pish Posh “Programmed to Ignite.” This track was certainly programmed for something. That neck breaking grunge facing neuro crunker standing in the middle of the dance floor not giving 2 f*%ks about anyone else. Deep into the beat and the bass line.


#4 is from the one we know as Liminal and his track “Frozen.” The offbeat amen style drums, the baseline, and that smooth vocal takes this track home. Gotta love this liquid sound here. Fantastic mix down and just an over all feel good track.

#5 and certainly not least is The Burner Brothers & Liminal with this AMAZING track called “Good Life.” This track speaks for itself… You need to get in if you haven’t yet.



A major shout out to all Artists involved. Pish Posh , The Burner Brothers , Space Journey , Liminal & Bengal ,NoizeKomplaint , Mixed Media & iIl Omen, HammerZz & Glitch.

Featured Releases Neurofunk Techstep

Current Value Rethink EP

Current Value and the team come from the Othercide

We have been fans of Current Value for something. Every release comes through correct and original. His style is by far one of the most unique while maintaining energy, craft, and the engineering is just on point. Tim (Current Value) is certainly a machine in human disguise. He churns out tunes like McDonald’s churns out hamburgers. Except his tunes are far tastier and healthy for the Drum & Bass soul. Heavy bass, crunchy beats is what current value and this EP “Rethink” is no different or is it..


This artist was known in the past for heavy drums, sick bass, and you know what? Nothing has changed but the sub-genre is now Neurofunk. We are certainly welcoming it! With projects like MachineCode and releases on Critical, Blackout, & Eatbrain, CV is a true musician who’s found his calling in Drum & Bass. Othercide Records was on the same page and they took on an amazing rendition of music with great remixes to boot.


Is Rethink one of the best of 2016? YES!

This release allows you to literally take a step back and re-analyze what Drum & Bass is, was and will be. This artist is truly brings you back with some awesome pads, atmospheres, synths, to the days of circa 2004 but gives you these gut wrenching baselines. The sounds this man creates can be considered circa 2030. Some of the bass sounds make me think of movies like Space Odyssey or Tron and the kind of music those movies should’ve had.

This Rethink release has interesting points to be touched on. First is the track “The Deep” which can bring you back to older Current Value music from labels like as Position Chrome and Section 8. I was interested to hear this experimental sound and the touching back on those metallic drums I was always waiting to hear. The atmosphere given my this track is erie to say the least but at the same time you feel like you’re on a floating pixelated cloud that continuously glitches and changes with every effect going on. It’s an interesting take compared to the slammers on this release.

CV and his Amazing Friends!

Current Value and Othercide bring in their friends. Billain who is well known for extremely fast beats, crazy bass, and
immense sound design remixes the title track “Rethink.” Now, I must say it can’t touch the title track but Billain does the tune justice! This is one of the few tracks Billain has written where you and hear some emotion in the tune. Billain is known to put forth Robot Drum & Bass and the synths in this one are a bit different. It’s still a “Billain” track, though! Fast, Hard, Snappy, and the switch up and effects used throughout are so awesome! Next are the Signs remix of Serum X and Dean Rodell’s remix of Capsule. Both were done extremely well!

CV rocks it the hardest however with the title track. “Rethink” is that tear out Drum & Bass we all love to crank out to on the dance floor. We won’t talk much about it. This track speaks for itself! Don’t take our word for it. Listen. Then pre-order!



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Turning The Gears w/ Nickbee

Nickbee punches through on Eatbrain

Nickbee is one of those high quality producers you know just by the signature of his sound. Simple and fat. This guy does an amazing job of controlling his sounds in such a way that every hit delivers a full impact while not losing anything in the work. His quality surely surpasses most producers and he can certainly be noted as once of the best engineers in the Drum & Bass scene. “The Gears” EP on Eatbrain certainly does just to his craft.

The prince of sound joins the force known as Eatbrain in Neurofunk Drum & Bass with his latest EP “The Gears” featuring the erie vocals of Syze.


Mindtech is on the Chaser

Mindtech Recordings brings us Chaser “Ambition” EP

After hearing the latest forthcoming on the Belgium imprint on their Soundcloud, I contacted Mindtech Recordings’ A&R Tom Nevroz immediately. I said, “Yo, Nevroz!! Hook us up with that new release!” Being the awesome A&R he is, he processed the hook up quickly . I checked my download folder for the Chaser “Ambition” EP.  I opened it up, pressed play, and I was blown away!

First off, ChaseR is on a roll. Let’s get that out of the way. This year we’ve seen releases on Ignescent & Greypost that are great compositions. We were however so surprised at the caliber of music brought forth on Mindtech Recordings. This is the kind of neurofunk that is certainly worth the buy. From sick bass lines, synths, and tight drums, this guy brings us to break our necks with some sweet neuro.  This EP is so dope and is certainly fitting to prove this producer is on another level!!! Great stuff! I can’t wait for the next from this bad man!





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Neodigital Drops Some Craziness

Eurofunk Volume 1 is out now and it rocks!

We are so excited to receive this one from Infectious PR. The technoid-funk-heads at Neodigital bring you some straight techno influenced music. I have been waiting for this EP for sometime now. Since Neodigital dropped the Current Value – Approximation clip on their soundcloud, we were left on a cliff hanger dangling from our forefinger, breathing heavy, looking down below at the jagged rocks. As the finger lets go we are swept up by a giant robotic dragon! Its breathing fire and spewing it through its exhausts as we dive into a wormhole. Listening through this EP brings you to a “Tron” like universe, pixelated and out of control. The grid is folding upon us and there is no escape!

Man this EP is crazy. Phace, Signs, Stoner, Hybris, Current Value all on one EP. Is it Christmas already!?

If you have not picked this thing up yet, you must. Its without a doubt one of the craziest EPs this year. Our favorite tune of the EP is Signs – “Black Mirror.” Definitely not the “hypest” track on the EP but that triplet singing pitched dropped sample is so dope! Listen and buy now!

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MachineCode LP #DNBMAGApproved

mclogoMachineCode comes through.

We were blessed once again with a promo. Shout out to Eatbrain, Terminal, and for the hook up. I have been waiting for this LP for sometime. The Mechtropolis Sampler definitely has one of my favorite tracks to date, Speaker. The MachineCode duo consists of Dean Rodell & Current Value. This tag team has put forth consistent quality Drum & Bass since there conception. The LP Sampler released earlier this year was certainly a taste of what was to come. Read that review here.
Now, in our review we touched on the feeling we were left with when listening to the release. The feeling of needing more. Ever feel like your meal was great but the food was not enough? Kind of like Kentucky Fried Chicken. Tastes great but not filling. We were left loving “Speaker” from that release but wanting more.

Did we get what we wanted?

The LP drops 9/5/2016. We had a chance to listen to this album and did so 4 times in a row. We wanted to give this one a fair shot and we’ll tell you why. There are some situations that require a second chance. We all love new technology! We’re always waiting for the latest smartphone, the next ribbon tweeter, or the newest midi controller. When we get a hint of whats to come we paint an image in our heads of how awesome its going to be. Then the newest iPhone drops and you look at it and its just like the one you just bought. We almost felt the Mechtropolis LP was the same at first listen…

And then I realized, I’m on laptop speakers, my kids, TV was going, the fan was on, and I’m cleaning my room looking like Aunt Jemima. What the [expletive] am I doing?! I laughed and I headed to my studio to give proper attention to what I found to be an amazing LP. Had to give a proper listen on my Adams.

MachineCode - Mechtropis LP
MachineCode – Mechtropis LP

The Delivery

MC Coppa
MC Coppa

I sat through the album another 3 times as I cleaned up the studio. Boy, some of these tracks were so sick. The album starts off with “Imagine” featuring the famed MC Coppa. This one features some great effects, high pitched vocals, and kind of reminds me of Karl K, Kaos, and Jae Kennedy and some other releases from circa 2005. Great intro track to kick off this LP.

They I was brought in to the world of Mechtropolis. A neo-dystopian society run by machines. Somewhat reminded me of Aeon Flux or The Animatrix Renaissance Part 1. The intro lets you in with great atmosphere and pads. Then the that Eatbrain style synth and the AWESOME vocal sample. “There once was a species called Human Being.” This took me in and then the drop was so deep. Now, this is not your romper stomper of a track that meant to make the dance floor jump up and down blowing whistles. This is a mind track. The synths and the effects that continously grow in the tracking wrapped in tight drum hits and a whisper by a sweep white noise / ride effect just keep it all going deep.

We dig it for sure but our “Ooooh” Moment was when we listened to “Skaro”. This is by far the best track on the release. Every track on this album was crafted with precision and we will certainly rep this album as a featured release on DNB Mag.

Have a listen below. Link to the sites to buy the release when it drops!