Warfare Recordings continues to Wage War

Warfare Recordings Presents Xylophobe “The Purge”

Bulgarian Neurofunk label Warfare Recordings comes correct on this release. The fairly new label has released artists we know like Space Journey, 2Whales, and are continuing to ever improve their selection of neurofunk. The label curator has a taste for music and this release proves it. Xylophobe is a bulgarian Drum & Bass producer who is fairly new to the scene. So far so good as we are impressed with these tracks on Warfare.

The Purge take the infamously erie broadcast from the movie. “This is not a test.” “Announcing the commencement of the national purge.” Being an American, this totally hits home and I constantly reminisce an odd dream of hearing the television say “This is your emergency broadcast system. This is not a test.” That is such a crazy thing to hear. The track then takes you through with sick synths, and dope square like bass lines.

The backside of this is our favorite of the release. Funk Aesthetics – Cerberus was featured on Warfare’s 7th release. The original track is probably our favorite from the label thus far. The remix was certainly done tastefully by Xylophone. He was able to roll the track a little better with tougher midranges. Definitely a great release overall to add to your mix! Listen below!