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Don’t Stop and Get Slapped!

Neonlight returns with an amazing 2019 version of their hit single “Boom / Slap” on Blackout Music. The release boasts two phenomenally written tunes. Boom brings you that PacMan style bass line with some super sweet foleys through out the track. This is a decent piece of music but Slap is where its at! “Slap” starts off with eire sci-fi atmosphere an a simple sequenced synth that will make you feel like you’re trying to get through a scene from Pandorum. The drop is screechy and simple and it slowly moves toward some laughter and that vocal “SLAP!” The drop is a total dance floor smasher! It its with a pitch drop bass and triplet tom-like synth. The distortion is clean on the high end and the mix just cuts through ANY sound system. This track will guarantee you a rewind if you have a crowd full of awesome folks.

If they don’t start jamming to this track they should all leave the planet. Seriously. This track is a set smasher and Neonlight are kings!

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Breaking Boundaries of a Black Hole : Task Horizon

Task Horizon the super nova of Drum & Bass

I must say that I have been a fan of Task Horizon for over a decade now. They have stayed true to their sound and their evolution as of late is astounding. The four man group hail from the simple country of Switzerland where the people are focused on quality. Quality of life by the government, quality engineering, quality Tennis player Roger Federer, scientist Bertrand Piccard, and creator of F1 racing Peter Sauber a representation of the quality that comes from Switzerland. Now Task Horizon can be added to the list due to their quality Drum & Bass. Their sound is a kin to that of Magnetude, but trust that Task Horizon has been writing synth heavy music since their conception in 2004. They have released on labels such as DSCI4, Cause 4 Concern, Sudden Def, and more recently on Blackout, Eatbrain, and their own imprint, Evolution Chamber.

Their latest release on Eatbrain was a slammer and long overdue. Overclocking Reality started off with a synth wave-esq intro. A corncopia of sound that engulfs your mind as it builds up to a monstrous drop with trance like stabs, filthy bass and their signature clap snare that I know them for. The release in its entirety is massive and can be purchased now. They have also just released a massively produced track on Eatrbain’s Divergence LP that features various artists. The track titled ‘The Void Between Worlds” is a synth mashed switch-up killer of a tune that is meant to destroy everything that creates you and sends the peaces left over to Zero Point. Amazing release from the team at TH that can be bought today via Beatport.

Evolution Chamber : Nostromo

The team has their own imprint called Evolution Chamber. It’s a smart business move on their behalf. Having your own label allows you more creative freedom but does hail a challenge in ensuring you are putting out quality such as your competitors. With all that said, TH has figured out an even balance and their newest release Nostromo and Hyperion are a testament to it. Hyperion is a simple roller that brings you through the cosmos in a chord synth that rolls through track with great effects and clean drums. This is the kind of track well suited for listening and hopefully it could come out in a futuristic space shooter game. Its quality is superb. Nostromo, however, is the beast here. It begins with off key notes and vocal sample that makes you feel like you’re on the Event Horizon and the ship is talking to you. The arped synth and big vocal pad bring you closer to a massive build and drop that… oh my god I don’t have words for it! Its a smasher of a drop and one of my favorite tracks this year. MASSIVE respect to the team at TH for putting this together. This is a release that is meant to smack all generations of intergalactic species for years to come.

Listen here:

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Cooh & L 33 are a massive combo

Nothing has ever sounded more together

L 33 artist that has made his return recently on Eatbrain with his Mafia EP has just joined forces with one of our favorite producers, Cooh. Cooh who is a multi genre prodigy, has been in the scene for ages. His releases on the techno influenced label Position Chrome were absolute smashers and he continues to thrive day to day. His side projects like Balkansky show his talents are far bigger than Drum & Bass, but his DNB is monstrous. As a fan of both artist, I was pleased to see their names listed side by side. They tag team well and this latest release from the two are future Neurofunk classics.

Othercide Records picked up Broken EP featuring two massive tracks. In two days you’ll have the pleasure to purchase two of the sickest Neurofunk tracks this year. Check this out below.


From the label:

Cooh :

L 33 :


Towering above them, the planetary shards of the blast site splayed open like broken petals, vast in scale and overwhelming in the destruction they represented. They looked on in quiet awe as the now separated segment of the planet spun on the edge of the gravity horizon, the last remnants of atmosphere clinging to its rugged shape tenuously. The weapon had been more effective than they could have ever imagined, this was a beginning – the promise of their fate in the ruins of this freshly broken planet.

A pair of legendary Bulgarian producers unite, with COOH & L 33 bringing their full array of audio manipulation weaponry to bear in the creation of BROKEN and POWER SOURCE. Drawing on the rich history of both artists’ sounds, the outcome is a set of tracks that deliver both fearsome sonics and an intense dose of funk, wound in a deeply futuristic sensibility. OTHERCIDE RECORDS delivers once again, proving itself to be the dynamic label animal that fans of a specific cross section of drum and bass can really get their teeth into right now.Cooh

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Subtension Rocks it out!

Subtension – Nestbox EP is fantastic!

Critical drum & bass imprint Cause4concern know how to make their presence felt . Having ended 2017 on a climatic release from rising stalwart Akov, who proudly stepped up the label’s hold over the scene’s most unrelenting newcomers, they return with another output which solidifies how imperative they’ve come within its very fabric. Slovakian based producer Subtension is the next artist to slide into C4C’s crucial roster, bringing with him a four-track offering which is sure to orchestrate sub-littered damage over the months to come

The Nestbox EP highlights the wide ranging scope of a label like Cause4Concern. Yet again the label retains its snapping reputation, cutting forward with only the hungriest of newcomers. And together with the likes of Subtension, they’ve continued this pattern, proving that time after time they’re just as destructive as they were when they first affirmed themselves as a founding part of neurofunk. Title-track ‘Nestbox’ straight away underline Subtension’s ingenious take on drum & bass production. It’s sci-fi inspired sonics, ticking instrumentals, wooden drum pads and ticking bass stabs draw the track into an undeniable groove, one which oozes with a dancefloor edge whilst shifting from layer to layer. ‘Left Handed’ pulls out the clacking percussive streams which filter through each channel, gradually bringing you across step by step until its breakdown finally leaves you freefalling into a fluctuating bassline. Up next, Dephzac joins Subtension for collaborative track ‘Tomb Diver’, staying true to form with a deeply lined composition and subterranean bass-levels. Each segment pushes you further and further beneath the surface, never allowing you to come up for air. And then comes ‘Polar’, a more intimate finisher which introduces you through a dainty littering of melodies before the track rolls out with more hard-hitting drum rhythms. It’s of a softer hue, adding diversity to the C4C roster and back catalogue, helping to demonstrate how they became such renowned figures.

Alongside groundbreaking releases like the one provided by Subtension, they’ve held their domination since the label first came in to power. This is something they’re sure to uphold, still pushing the bar with every release.

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Your mind will be receptive to the awesomeness!

Receptor – Tell Me is a fun one!

I’ve been a Receptor fan for sometime. The sound quality he put forth with his neurofunk has been amazing. There was no question to his musical talent but this new release on Ignescent Recordings proves how good this cat is! The old school rave stabs are so fun to listen to and the overall funk from the track is amazing. “Tell Me” is a single that will make the rounds for times to come. We love this one! In addition, Ignescent and Receptor bring you a free release “Gulfstream” you can download FREE.

From the Presser:

Well-known for their harder-hitting riddims, Ignescent are making their mark for the final part of 2017 with something slightly different compared to the latter part of their discography. Bringing Receptor into the mix for the year’s home stretch, his forthcoming single ‘Tell Me’ brings a totally new colour into the imprint’s back catalogue, providing a new take on what was formally known as Ignescent’s sound. And this is exactly how the label wanted to bring their listeners into the New Year, by demonstrating that they have yet more ground to conquer and alongside tracks like the one delivered through Receptor, this new exploration will only add to their groundbreaking reputation within the drum & bass scene.

‘Tell Me Begins’ with a melody which ducks and dives between the track, slipping through the cracks and creating a dancefloor-lead feel oozing with the type of jiving undertows propelling Receptor into the spotlight. The track steadily freefalls into pitching synth and a bassline which helps push the track through to its epitomic finish, helped given buoyancy by its distorted, singing vocals and elevated patterns of sonic. Flickering note arpeggios help to give the track a musicality which lends itself to Receptors vast production standard, one that’s consistently held Receptor into the spotlight across a wide ranging number of platforms. Ignescent is his next step, pushing him even further under the radar and proving that the label’s scope stretches even further than before.

The Moscow based producer makes new ground with his newest release and proves that his versatility stretches into more than just the neuro based market that has become a hotbed within Russian drum & bass. Just like Ignescent, Receptor is known for breaking boundaries, which explains why the producer fits so perfectly within their roster. This merging of minds brings about a new era for Ignescent and it signifies their next steps into the future. Already making waves within the Russian scene, they’re also pioneering the European market further afield, time and time again delivering music for a wide ranging audience. They’re proving to be unstoppable and that momentum isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon.

Beatport Exc: 15th Jan


This Neurohop is Fire!

Othercide Records brings you the Insurrectionists EP

Othercide Records continues to break barriers and is assisting in pushing through that neurohop sound we’ve come to love from artists like Chee, Ivy Lab, and Mefjus. Their latest release from artist Signs titled “Bandulu” EP was massive. This new EP features various artists showing different sides of the neuro-hop spectrum. When first looking at the artist like I felt like Ordure and Posij were going to steal the show but I was blown away from the funky sound brought to you by neurofunk producer Disprove. His track ‘Hyuman’ is a massive piece of music. Its the kind of tracks any listener would approve of! Big ups to the label and the sounds throughout! Check out this massive release now! Check out the sick track from Ordure down below:

From the presser:

Artists // Posij, Ordure, Glpyh & Survey, Ak Hash & Host, Disprove
Release // The Insurrectionists EP
Label // Othercide
Release Date // 29.01.18

Between layers divisible in the fabric of space and time, the fragments of another universe have crept through into our own. Resonance of depths new interfere with the very laws of our reality, creeping with menacing subtlety ever further into the context that surrounds and binds us. The revolt is close, matter set to be usurped by THE INSURRECTIONISTS – weaponized low frequencies manifesting the key from the SUBVERSE.

Following rapidly on the tail of SIGNS ultra effective introduction of OTHERCIDE RECORDINGS fresh low tempo series – SUBVERSE – a new wave of bass is at the horizon, formulating a warm-edged secondary movement in the concept. THE INSURRECTIONISTS EP, consists of 5 superbly crafted weighted frequency assaults from AK HASH & HOST, DISPROVE, GLYPH & SURVEY, ORDURE and POSIJ. An artful set of accomplished sonic ideas that deliver milk for the ears whilst starving the lungs of air with their low-pressure drops. The SUBVERSE manifesto is clear, the subliming has begun.

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Unity across the land & through the cosmos

Akrom & Custom Soldierz – Empathy EP

Italy’s badman, Akrom, and Puerto Rican trio, Custom Soldierz join forces and bring you some Neurofunk meant to bring your mind over a Rosenstein Bridge and through the center of the galactic void. The collaboration brings you ‘Empathy’ EP on Kosen Productions, a French record label that is ever growing in the scene. They have amazing releases from artists like Bohemian, Maniatics, Triamer and Nagato, and they continue to thrive in the scene bringing you quality music.

Empathy EP is a continuation of the labels ear for fantastic music. The title track ‘Empathy’ is a deep piece of musical art that pays testament to a true “neuro” sound. The filtered bass lines, constant foleys, and great synths keep you moving through the track. The track starts you off with pads and an eire atmosphere that sounds like the planet Jupiter is whispering sweet nothings into your ear. The brassy pads continue to grow and the percussion brings your ever closer to a laser stab that grows in builds to the drop. As said before, the bass sounds keep your moving and the drums, while simple, keep the funk alive! Massive release from Akrom & Custom Soldierz and we cannot wait for more! Get your copy here!

From the Presser:

One thing about independent record labels is that their scope for picking up talent which doesn’t conform to the mainstream is second to none. And a label which has held this skill from the beginning is Kosen Production, the Toulouse based imprint which prides itself on bringing forward the best of drum & bass from its furthest corners. After already giving a platform to the likes of Signs, The Clamps and Nickbee, to name a few high-ranking producers who’ve released on the label, they’re still making their impact felt throughout the genre with a brand new EP from key players within the wider global market. Puerto Rican based Custom Soldierz jump on board alongside Italian production maestro Akrom for a double-sided output which begins the New Year for Kosen in an explosive fashion. The throttle has been pushed to the floor and as a result, a collection of artists are about to reinstate Kosen’s reputation, providing yet more must-have cuts for music lovers.

The ‘Empathy EP’ drops you straight into the production styles of both Custom Soldierz and Akrom, who dominate with their slick, carefully fashioned musical offerings whilst epitomising the standard held by Kosen’s back catalogue. First track ‘Empathy’ draws out on stepped out percussion, a meandering bassline and a beginning which leaves a foreboding taste on the synapses. Bit by bit you’re pulled into the mix, before you’re able to fully see the intricacies of the collaboration and how it came together so easily. It’s a title-track which packs a punch, leaving you waiting for more as the record finally wraps up.

And finally comes ‘Shifter’, which ducks and dives between slews of synth and padded bass notes. You’re drawn into an almighty breakdown, taking its time before you’re then shot down a chasm of flipping beats and punching drums. The track’s well-chiselled hook instantly grabs you, sweeping its way between every segment. This is Custom Soldierz and Akrom at their most versatile, helping to develop the sound of Kosen alongside their own. It’s looking to be another monumental year for Kosen and on first listen to this EP, they clearly feel the same way.

Worldwide release: Jan 22, 2018.

Follow Akrom:

Follow Custom Soldierz:

Kosen Home :

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Have you taken your RedPill yet?

RedPill continues to slam the dance floors

This frenchman is certainly making his rounds in the Neurofunk scene. With releases on Invisible, Bad Taste, Cause 4 Concern, Kinetik, and famed Neurofunk Grid, RedPill continues to improve and amaze neuro fans worldwide. His latest EP on Eatbrain is probably one of the best in the business. Terminal (Distribution) is launching this thing like a winning field goal through the cosmos. “Call of the Warchief” EP is one of those releases where both producers will analyze and fans will carry in their playlist for years to come. Its a mix of high quality production, mixing, and creativity within this crazy box of a musical genre that continues to evolve day to day. This artist is becoming the War Chief of D&B and we can’t wait for more. Check out one of the few releases that deserve a full 5 stars!

From the Press Release:

// artists


// label

The conflict had raged through the night, staining the battlefield black with the dark blood of the fallen, a crust of congealing life permeating the bleak soil of this desolate place – the air punctuated the occasional shriek as soldiers fell – their voices joined with the weak moans of the dying that littered the landscape. Their enemies were gaining ground on that field of death, threatening to overwhelm the horde and put an end to their centuries-long advance. Dawn was approaching, and with it, it would carry the messenger of their fate. The clan leader knew this, shifting on his mount where he watched the battle below and tearing the very air with his harsh cry… summoning the one who could turn their ill tide. From amongst the horde, his twisted banners arose, knocking both ally and foe aside, the deadly Ogrehund before him gnashing at their chains, hungry for the blood that would cascade through their sharp teeth. The skulls of his fallen enemies adorned his sides, his thirst for death unvanquishable.. His clansmen hailed him, the WARCHIEF – here to free the living from the burden of their miserable lives…

REDPILL makes a swift and unforgiving follow up to 2017’s well-received REDPILL EP with another slew of cutting-edge tracks for EATBRAIN with his WAR CHIEF EP. Carrying all of the energy, balance and restrained powerful force that ravers have come to associate with this extraordinary and prolific French producer, the 6 tunes within carry devastating impact. From the percussive experimentation of FADING to the funk-filled madness of NEURODISCO and the tearout battle cry of CALL OF THE WARCHIEF – Redpill marks out a fierce perimeter that offers no mercy – this is an audio assault for the strong-hearted. TRANSFORM (feat. FRAGZ) brings an additional layer of dense but captivating aggression to the system, held within a tightly bound structure, whilst BIOMEKA and ARCADE SANCTUM offer up the kind of pointed and dynamic neurofunk that fans of Redpill know and love.

With his second significant foray into the Eatbrain label, REDPILL continues to prove his effectiveness on the dance and willingness to experiment relentlessly with the neurofunk sound. EATBRAIN provide a solid and nurturing home on which this talented young producer continues to flex his exponentially growing skills.

// release date
8th January Beatport Exclusive
22nd January worldwide


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Razlom rides the funk out of you!

Razlom – Drunk Funk & Tokyo Drift

Razlom is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Their recent release on Bad Taste “Thriller” has certainly impressed and made the rounds around all dance floors.  You So Fat Records CEO, Cooper, Encode, and Nouwa are making their mark with a sound that is certainly different within the realm of Neurofunk Drum & Bass. Ignescent Recordings brings you their tracks “Drunk Funk” & “Tokyo Drifter.” The names to both tracks represent the sound perfectly. Drunk Funk starts off with a Blue’s sound in the piano that then brings in some amazing brass sounds that are all surely funky. Then the drop brings you in to your 1988 Ferrari as you step on the gas and tear out the roads of your dark neon city! Then Tokyo Drifter is just that… Picture yourself in your night black kamishimo and your laser sword ready to be swung out at any moment but you’re hanging out having a great time jumping from building to building leaving streaks of lights in your path. Then you land on your light cycle to weave through lanes of alternate reality.

These are amazing tracks ready for the taking. They’ve been out and are certainly are worthy of any set. Listen below and get them now!

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Go Nen LP – 5 Yrs!

Santoku Records Go Nen LP is Drum & Bass at it’s finest

2017 marks the five year anniversary for Santoku, a definitive label for not just the US drum & bass scene but also globally. They pride themselves on being a platform for both European and American talent, which is exactly what their Go Nen album sampler presents with each of the unique sonic cuts displayed on its track listing. With records from Diode, dLo, Mean Teeth, Kodin, Horde and Hajimari, you’re pulled into a colour-wheel of musicality from start to finish. And lead by label-head honcho Logam, who appears alongside M.Justa, it’s no surprise that Santoku has already manifested a stellar reputation in under a decade.

Diode’s ‘Heinous’ begins the album, with a foreboding intro which suddenly chops and changes whilst catapulting you down a chasm of spitting beats. Each rumbling bass note pulls you in further, leaving you gasping for breath beneath its weight. Veteran producer dLo from Austin [Texas] adds his track ‘Clapback’, with the same passion, technical skills and keen ear which has pushed Santoku into the forefront recently, alongside snapping percussion and a guttural bassline. Then comes Mean Teeth’s ‘Time Shift’, presenting why they’re such hotly tipped newcomers and pushing forward on segments of crushing LFO. Logam and M.Justa delivers their collaboration ‘Dream Catcher’, a more ethereal liquid offering with a steppy melody which weaves itself throughout the mix. Kodin’s ‘Pillow Puncher’ steps up next, crashing forward on old-school breakdowns and snapping drum patterns which become more and more incessant with every beat loop. Horde’s ‘Concession’ is just as ominous, with a ticking intro that gradually winds further and further into minimalistic, snapping layers of sound. And lastly, Hajimari draws for ‘Get Lost’, featuring the vocal overtones of Cluda, throwing up an ingenuity which ruminates throughout the entirety of Santoku’s back catalogue.

As a collection, the Go Nen album is the perfect way to immortalise Santoku’s legacy. With every release they’ve unleashed this year, they’ve made more and more of an impact and the Go Nen LP is their final word for this year. Into their sixth year, they’ll continue to be an independent who pushes the boundaries whilst still catering to a huge array of tastes.