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Welcome to the official home of DNB Magazine. Here you will partake in excelling your musical acuity within the Drum & Bass music culture. DNB Magazine is where you will find the latest music, technology, and gear relating to drum’n’bass. Check out genres such as Jungle, Tech-step, Neurofunk, Liquid, Experimental and more.

We have reviews and interviews of the best in DNB. We feature artists like Space Journey, Noisia, Audio, The Upbeats, Pendulum, Roni Size, Bailey, Signal, Current Value, Logam, Legion, Maztek, Teddy Killerz, and much more. Our reviews are thanks to the hard work of all drum’n’bass producers and as well as labels and promo shots from the best in Drum & Bass. Eatbrain, Terminal, Santoku, Inspected, and more! Take a walk with us from the hard side of dnb to the lighter side of the sound. Our reviews are honest and direct and for that we tend to only post the best of DNB.

DNB Magazine is directed and edited by Alex Alejandro. A fan of the sound for over 10 years. Alex has worked as a musical composer as the artist ‘Diode’ on Gain, Signal, Close 2 Death amongst others circa 2006. His venture into sound and life will continue forward as the artist “Space Journey” and will continue to grow throughout the rest of time. DNB Magazine is an outlet for Alex and he hopes it will create a home for all fans to like, look, and listen to DNB. Alex is always looking to collaborate and work with artists and fans alike. Please click contact DNB Magazine buy clicking the contact button above.

We certainly appreciate your visit and hope we can grow together.

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