Take a Breath of Fresh Oxygen

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Fred V & Grafix

Fred V & Grafix give you their refreshing “Oxygen” LP.


We can start off by saying that Fred V & Grafix are a great duo. Their production quality and creativity along with there melodic impression on the liquid sound is amazing. When you start the album you are impressed but as it goes on you get absolutely blown away. This music is what summer is all about. That morning drive vibe and the setting sun mood, these tracks poise a true testament to the ability Fred V & Graffix possesses to connect with the listener.

Oxygen dropped on June 24 on Hospital Records and since then has done nothing but make an impact. This kind of music emulates synth pop in the DNB atmosphere while staying try to England’s Liquid sound. All of the vocals are properly fit to each track and allow you to connect even further with great lyrics. Tracks like “Together We’re Lost” featuring Frank Fraise & Tone touch us at DNB MAGAZINE. The rap lyrics are so dope. Then the vocal hook drops and with that familiar wobble 7th bass just hits us well. Fred V & Grafix, we were fans before but you brought us in further.

Have a listen via the Hospital Records SoundCloud page. Dont hesitate to buy here!

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