Santoku’s Signatures Volume 2

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Santoku Records - Signatures Vol. 2

Santoku Logam’s Imprint Is so DOPE

Major kudos to Ram Records artist, Logam. This United States based producer has an ear for production proven by his releases on the infamous UK label. Logam began his own imprint, Santoku Records, circa 2012. This label has been an outlet to many top level Drum & Bass producers and the label is certainly under rated. This label has some of the best Drum & Bass. Our favorite from them is the Agressor Bunx release with the track “Drop the Bass” which is featured on this Signatures LP.

This LP features the best tracks from the imprint in 2016. The label shows its signature sound, an eclectic plethora of beats, bass, and mental synths. You’ll get the hard and heavy tracks like Space Journey‘s “Aeon” and Agressor Bunx “Terror Force.” This isn’t a dance floor banger type of release. You will certainly get cerebral with Mean Teeth’s “Transfixed” or dLo’s “Freefall” which btw has some amazing pads and atmosphere! This release will take you on the journey through Drum & Bass from the heavens to the deepest abyss in your mind. Watch this space for more from the USA based label and a massive big ups to Logam and Santoku Records!

Here’s a mini mix from the boss himself, Logam.


1) Mean Teeth – Hatch
2) Agressor Bunx – Terror Force
3) Space Journey – Aeon
4.) Space Journey – Motorcycle
5.) Agressor Bunx – Drop The Bass
6.) dLo – Free Fall
7.) Equivalent – Trust
8.) Foken – Destination
9.) Mean Teeth – Transfixed
10.) Mean Teeth – Gun Squad
11.) Des McMahon – The Hawk
12.) Mayhem & Logam – Aphelion
13.) Agressor Bunx – Like That
14.) M.Justa – Reptile
15.) Mean Teeth & Cosmistic – Solaris feat. Logam
16.) Mean Teeth – Leviathan

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