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Cooh & L 33 are a massive combo

Nothing has ever sounded more together

L 33 artist that has made his return recently on Eatbrain with his Mafia EP has just joined forces with one of our favorite producers, Cooh. Cooh who is a multi genre prodigy, has been in the scene for ages. His releases on the techno influenced label Position Chrome were absolute smashers and he continues to thrive day to day. His side projects like Balkansky show his talents are far bigger than Drum & Bass, but his DNB is monstrous. As a fan of both artist, I was pleased to see their names listed side by side. They tag team well and this latest release from the two are future Neurofunk classics.

Othercide Records picked up Broken EP featuring two massive tracks. In two days you’ll have the pleasure to purchase two of the sickest Neurofunk tracks this year. Check this out below.


From the label:

Cooh :

L 33 :


Towering above them, the planetary shards of the blast site splayed open like broken petals, vast in scale and overwhelming in the destruction they represented. They looked on in quiet awe as the now separated segment of the planet spun on the edge of the gravity horizon, the last remnants of atmosphere clinging to its rugged shape tenuously. The weapon had been more effective than they could have ever imagined, this was a beginning – the promise of their fate in the ruins of this freshly broken planet.

A pair of legendary Bulgarian producers unite, with COOH & L 33 bringing their full array of audio manipulation weaponry to bear in the creation of BROKEN and POWER SOURCE. Drawing on the rich history of both artists’ sounds, the outcome is a set of tracks that deliver both fearsome sonics and an intense dose of funk, wound in a deeply futuristic sensibility. OTHERCIDE RECORDS delivers once again, proving itself to be the dynamic label animal that fans of a specific cross section of drum and bass can really get their teeth into right now.Cooh

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The Steam Engine of Neurofunk

Magnetude continues to run through the competition!

Oh my goodness. Eatbrain is slcertainly one of the most respectable labels out there. The curators have the best taste in the neurofunk sound. They just had some slammers released and while we feel they are releasing too much at times, they are blowing us away with every release. With that said, this release is straight fire! 

Magnetude rocked a fantastic release with Lifted Music and that track “Now Run” hyped me up so much! Now, with Eatbrain, Magnetude releases what I feel is Eatbrains best release to date. All tracks are hype but our favorites are Press Play and Banshee. Take a listen below and make sure you buy to support this monsterous duo! 


Beatport –


Feint slams on this complication… And stands out amongst the rest.

Why so much!? Feint shows some skill here.

Monstercat releases… 


The Dead Alive

Zombie Cats revive lost souls on their latest EP!



Synergize with the Helion EP!

Eatbrain Bringing forth the talent.

Synergy formally known as Segment and Concept Vision have fused their identities into to the super saiyan of Neurofunk! After the duo’s Mammoth EP last year on Eatbrain, which was one of the label’s most successful release on 2016, the due hooked up and formulated this new EP titled “Helion.” This is a roller coaster of an EP and it shows the true fruition of artists coming together to form their own, consistent sound. The EP is certainly impressive and they joined forces with vocalist Miss Trouble to bring you a massive halftime grinder of a track.

The label does a fantastic job in proving it can showcase talent and the title track of the EP is true to that statement. This is premiere neurofunk at its core. From the intro to the drop and throughout the track you’ll be sure to stay interested.




Santoku’s Signatures Volume 2

Santoku Logam’s Imprint Is so DOPE

Major kudos to Ram Records artist, Logam. This United States based producer has an ear for production proven by his releases on the infamous UK label. Logam began his own imprint, Santoku Records, circa 2012. This label has been an outlet to many top level Drum & Bass producers and the label is certainly under rated. This label has some of the best Drum & Bass. Our favorite from them is the Agressor Bunx release with the track “Drop the Bass” which is featured on this Signatures LP.

This LP features the best tracks from the imprint in 2016. The label shows its signature sound, an eclectic plethora of beats, bass, and mental synths. You’ll get the hard and heavy tracks like Space Journey‘s “Aeon” and Agressor Bunx “Terror Force.” This isn’t a dance floor banger type of release. You will certainly get cerebral with Mean Teeth’s “Transfixed” or dLo’s “Freefall” which btw has some amazing pads and atmosphere! This release will take you on the journey through Drum & Bass from the heavens to the deepest abyss in your mind. Watch this space for more from the USA based label and a massive big ups to Logam and Santoku Records!

Here’s a mini mix from the boss himself, Logam.


1) Mean Teeth – Hatch
2) Agressor Bunx – Terror Force
3) Space Journey – Aeon
4.) Space Journey – Motorcycle
5.) Agressor Bunx – Drop The Bass
6.) dLo – Free Fall
7.) Equivalent – Trust
8.) Foken – Destination
9.) Mean Teeth – Transfixed
10.) Mean Teeth – Gun Squad
11.) Des McMahon – The Hawk
12.) Mayhem & Logam – Aphelion
13.) Agressor Bunx – Like That
14.) M.Justa – Reptile
15.) Mean Teeth & Cosmistic – Solaris feat. Logam
16.) Mean Teeth – Leviathan


Enter the Portal: Zombie Cats

Major League DNB hits a homer!

Major League is a heavyweight in the party scene of the Netherlands. Their events are true to Drum & Bass and have brought amazing acts such as Pendulum, The Upbeats, Ed Rush, John B, and many many more. The promoters have now come through with a record label that will showcase the quality of sound the events will have.

On their listing is this amazing release featuring one of our favorite producer duos, Zombie Cats. They bring on Safra with their track Portal that is absolutely smashing. The drop is AMAZING. The wide, unisoned, pitched up bass just brings you in and through the wave of craziness the switch drops into sick neurofunk. Deep and cerebral baselines, acid style synth blips in the back, and super tight drums. Who could ask for more?! But then they give us more!!!!!!! Oh my good ness, the Joe Ford remix… Lets let the track do the talking:

From the label:

Drum & Bass nightlife operation turned label, ”Major League DNB” offers their third outing in a string of thoroughly curated releases. This time around international twosome ”Zombie Cats” make their re-appearance on the Holland based imprint. The 3rd installment (MLDNB003) in the label series opens up with a rework of ”Portal” by household ”Shogun Audio” name ”Joe Ford”. The opening track is a somewhat brutal effort that showcases ”Joe Ford’s” signature high energy approach whilst cleverly re-assembling the main elements of the original. The original version of ”Portal” kicks in straight after the rework. The title track of the EP is actually a collaboration between Zombie Cats and Berlin Based ”Safra”. Whilst the rework is somewhat of a frenzy, the original effort proves to be a little more on the technoid side of things.”Little Monsters” is not only the closing down track but also a bonafide dancefloor destroyer.