Synergize with the Helion EP!

Eatbrain Bringing forth the talent.

Synergy formally known as Segment and Concept Vision have fused their identities into to the super saiyan of Neurofunk! After the duo’s Mammoth EP last year on Eatbrain, which was one of the label’s most successful release on 2016, the due hooked up and formulated this new EP titled “Helion.” This is a roller coaster of an EP and it shows the true fruition of artists coming together to form their own, consistent sound. The EP is certainly impressive and they joined forces with vocalist Miss Trouble to bring you a massive halftime grinder of a track.

The label does a fantastic job in proving it can showcase talent and the title track of the EP is true to that statement. This is premiere neurofunk at its core. From the intro to the drop and throughout the track you’ll be sure to stay interested.



By Alex Diode

Alex Diode is a Drum & Bass enthusiast from MA, USA. He prefers long bass on the drums & neurofunk at sunset.

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