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Akrom & Custom Soldierz – Empathy EP

Italy’s badman, Akrom, and Puerto Rican trio, Custom Soldierz join forces and bring you some Neurofunk meant to bring your mind over a Rosenstein Bridge and through the center of the galactic void. The collaboration brings you ‘Empathy’ EP on Kosen Productions, a French record label that is ever growing in the scene. They have amazing releases from artists like Bohemian, Maniatics, Triamer and Nagato, and they continue to thrive in the scene bringing you quality music.

Empathy EP is a continuation of the labels ear for fantastic music. The title track ‘Empathy’ is a deep piece of musical art that pays testament to a true “neuro” sound. The filtered bass lines, constant foleys, and great synths keep you moving through the track. The track starts you off with pads and an eire atmosphere that sounds like the planet Jupiter is whispering sweet nothings into your ear. The brassy pads continue to grow and the percussion brings your ever closer to a laser stab that grows in builds to the drop. As said before, the bass sounds keep your moving and the drums, while simple, keep the funk alive! Massive release from Akrom & Custom Soldierz and we cannot wait for more! Get your copy here!

From the Presser:

One thing about independent record labels is that their scope for picking up talent which doesn’t conform to the mainstream is second to none. And a label which has held this skill from the beginning is Kosen Production, the Toulouse based imprint which prides itself on bringing forward the best of drum & bass from its furthest corners. After already giving a platform to the likes of Signs, The Clamps and Nickbee, to name a few high-ranking producers who’ve released on the label, they’re still making their impact felt throughout the genre with a brand new EP from key players within the wider global market. Puerto Rican based Custom Soldierz jump on board alongside Italian production maestro Akrom for a double-sided output which begins the New Year for Kosen in an explosive fashion. The throttle has been pushed to the floor and as a result, a collection of artists are about to reinstate Kosen’s reputation, providing yet more must-have cuts for music lovers.

The ‘Empathy EP’ drops you straight into the production styles of both Custom Soldierz and Akrom, who dominate with their slick, carefully fashioned musical offerings whilst epitomising the standard held by Kosen’s back catalogue. First track ‘Empathy’ draws out on stepped out percussion, a meandering bassline and a beginning which leaves a foreboding taste on the synapses. Bit by bit you’re pulled into the mix, before you’re able to fully see the intricacies of the collaboration and how it came together so easily. It’s a title-track which packs a punch, leaving you waiting for more as the record finally wraps up.

And finally comes ‘Shifter’, which ducks and dives between slews of synth and padded bass notes. You’re drawn into an almighty breakdown, taking its time before you’re then shot down a chasm of flipping beats and punching drums. The track’s well-chiselled hook instantly grabs you, sweeping its way between every segment. This is Custom Soldierz and Akrom at their most versatile, helping to develop the sound of Kosen alongside their own. It’s looking to be another monumental year for Kosen and on first listen to this EP, they clearly feel the same way.

Worldwide release: Jan 22, 2018.

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By Alex Diode

Alex Diode is a Drum & Bass enthusiast from MA, USA. He prefers long bass on the drums & neurofunk at sunset.