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Mayan Audio Goes to Let It Roll

Barbarix comes hard on this release!

Barbarix comes correct with this Mayan Audio release. His track “Severed” on the label’s “Goes to Let It Roll” EP is a smash hit. This track is Mortal Kombat meets Tron on an epic adventure to the core of this volatile earth! The track intros with an atmospheric erie build up featuring epic toms building up the halftime drum drop. Then the stab comes. Its such a simple rave stab similar to something we have heard over and over again, but with the bass line and the hyper drums, this drop becomes one of the staple sounds you will hear at this years Let It Roll festival. Massive respect to Barbarix and Mayan Audio. Check out the track here:


By Alex Diode

Alex Diode is a Drum & Bass enthusiast from MA, USA. He prefers long bass on the drums & neurofunk at sunset.