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Receptor – Tell Me is a fun one!

I’ve been a Receptor fan for sometime. The sound quality he put forth with his neurofunk has been amazing. There was no question to his musical talent but this new release on Ignescent Recordings proves how good this cat is! The old school rave stabs are so fun to listen to and the overall funk from the track is amazing. “Tell Me” is a single that will make the rounds for times to come. We love this one! In addition, Ignescent and Receptor bring you a free release “Gulfstream” you can download FREE.

From the Presser:

Well-known for their harder-hitting riddims, Ignescent are making their mark for the final part of 2017 with something slightly different compared to the latter part of their discography. Bringing Receptor into the mix for the year’s home stretch, his forthcoming single ‘Tell Me’ brings a totally new colour into the imprint’s back catalogue, providing a new take on what was formally known as Ignescent’s sound. And this is exactly how the label wanted to bring their listeners into the New Year, by demonstrating that they have yet more ground to conquer and alongside tracks like the one delivered through Receptor, this new exploration will only add to their groundbreaking reputation within the drum & bass scene.

‘Tell Me Begins’ with a melody which ducks and dives between the track, slipping through the cracks and creating a dancefloor-lead feel oozing with the type of jiving undertows propelling Receptor into the spotlight. The track steadily freefalls into pitching synth and a bassline which helps push the track through to its epitomic finish, helped given buoyancy by its distorted, singing vocals and elevated patterns of sonic. Flickering note arpeggios help to give the track a musicality which lends itself to Receptors vast production standard, one that’s consistently held Receptor into the spotlight across a wide ranging number of platforms. Ignescent is his next step, pushing him even further under the radar and proving that the label’s scope stretches even further than before.

The Moscow based producer makes new ground with his newest release and proves that his versatility stretches into more than just the neuro based market that has become a hotbed within Russian drum & bass. Just like Ignescent, Receptor is known for breaking boundaries, which explains why the producer fits so perfectly within their roster. This merging of minds brings about a new era for Ignescent and it signifies their next steps into the future. Already making waves within the Russian scene, they’re also pioneering the European market further afield, time and time again delivering music for a wide ranging audience. They’re proving to be unstoppable and that momentum isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon.

Beatport Exc: 15th Jan

By Alex Diode

Alex Diode is a Drum & Bass enthusiast from MA, USA. He prefers long bass on the drums & neurofunk at sunset.