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Phace lights it up!

Phace lights it up!

Phace is one of our favorite producers. His music is literally out of this world. His imprint Neosignal puts out some of the greatest electronic Drum & Bass. It seems like everything this guy does is awesome. Phace has been busy as usual and ever improving his sound. This year he started off being featured on Current Value’s┬áBiocellulous LP on Critical Music, DNB Arena’s LP, and on the infamous Shogun Audio label. He also released one of our favorite tracks this year. This is the kind of track that, to us, will test the sands of time. Like a pyramid, this is a massive collassal musical composition that’s beautifully written and engineered. To simplify that, “Lit Up” on the So Excited release is AMAZING!

This track starts off reminding me of some Justice electro sounding synth and then it begins to build with the vocal sample and some techy synth. This track continues to build ever so heavily and the rise comes in. All her systems are certainly lit as the drop blows us through the walls, down to the basement through the Earth’s core and then Stewart through the opposite end through a wormhole riding an anvil of bass slamming against the walls of the fabric of space-time!

I know this track can be the “B-Side” of the release but we like it so much it needed to get a standing ovation once again. After releasing Mefjus’ Blitz EP, Neosignal shows that there is still more out there and the bar will continually be raised. Mefjus is hard to compare to but Phace brings it right everytime. The bass line in Lit Up is what we love most and haven’t let it go since it’s release on June 24. Lit Up was able to stay in the Top 100 for some time and the release hit #1 on the Beatport Charts.
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By Alex Diode

Alex Diode is a Drum & Bass enthusiast from MA, USA. He prefers long bass on the drums & neurofunk at sunset.

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