War brings you that Invisible Battle

The BNKR Series Continues with War

Methlab Recordings’s collective brings forth the latest in the darker side of liquid from Englishman, War. War is known for some sweet music on Horizon and Dispatch and we are excited to have a listen to his latest EP titled “Invisible” out on August 5, 2016. Along great textures and fantastic drums, War brings you back with very similar bass sounds from the 2000-2004 Jungle Tech Step era. We took a minute to review our pick from the EP.

Its not too often we are reminded were we come from. From the dungeons of the era of tech step. Late nights enjoying the dance floor with your closest friends and unknowns alike. Connecting on level unlike ever before. Whether you are hanging on the side of the room with your hat tucked tight or in the midst of the rhythm embracing your oneness, you were part of it. You were part of the deep neuro-tech step.

War takes me back to those nights where the mood was right. Deep. Elemental. Cerebral. His Track “Snow Blind” is certainly our favorite of this EP. The nostalgic feeling brings us back. The progression in the track is like a ride right back in time. This track contains great atmospheric textures, deep bass lines, and progressive drums. Snow Blind is a blast from the past. While the title track “Invisible” is also contains deep late night jungle vibes, Snow Blind takes the center stage for DNB Magazine.

We are now ever more interested in this BNKR series of Drum & Bass and can’t wait for the next installment! Get this EP out on 8/5/2016!!