Tobax continues to slam the masses

Tobax & Mizo on Red Light

Tobax is a young one in the Drum & Bass scene but is railing though the masses like a veteran who’s been producing for ages. This kid is a Russian monster who hales from the town of Samara and he’s launching those Russian missiles of baselines to the world. His style and production is as effective as it gets. His just released on Optiv’s Red Light Records with another montsterous Russian producer, Mizo and both tracks are massive. This is one of those releases where you were so happy you got two A-sides on a record for the price of one! His collaboration with Mizo on the track “Balanced” is flawless. But our favorite from the release is Tooth Pain! This track is grinding!

Tooth Pain

Tobax & Mizo – Balanced

Also, if you haven’t heard it! Mizo has a FREE EP out called Intercept… Get it here:

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Akrom keeps on smashing em out!

Akrom releases with Red Light

Akrom is on of Italy’s best talents to date. This producer stays so true in putting forth what DNB Magazine hails as true Neurofunk. The tight drums, filtered bass, stabbing synths, and overall movement in his tracks are cerebral. Optiv’s Red Light Records couldn’t go without bring your his latest release “Undermined / Life Cycle.” With “Life Cycle” Akron teams up with Disphonia and Impak. They introduce you to the track with an LP atmosphere and an an odd broken piano melody and raise your intrigue with epic stings and percussion ready to have you soar over ancient egypt and then the drop hits with some of the best neuro you can hear. The title track “Undermined” is no different in the amount of energy it brings. The synths that hit at the switch are so dope. Akrom certainly knows how to bring forth the best of neurofunk.