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Get Naughty with AudioPorn Remixes

A Remix LP with some bangers!

We’ve just received a new promo from AudioPorn! Get naughty with these sick remixes from Jayline, Rushmore, Serum, and Shimon!

From the release:

Benny L: Appleroids Remixed

Following his recent collaboration with historical figure Shimon and a standalone EP which further solidified his place within the drum & bass genre, Benny L returns to the Audioporn imprint in the form of a remix package. Featuring some of the most exciting names to come forward in recent months, opening the door to fresh talent with names such as Rushmore taking centre stage it also provides music from more renowned artists, including Shimon, Jayline and Serum. ‘Appleroids Remixed’ caters to both the new school and old school in a four-track package, presenting a diverse range of talents.

With over ten years of experience in the game, Serum brings his vintage mix of jungle and jump up to the forefront for his rework. After a series of releases on the biggest brands in the underground, he brings his experience to ‘Bullfighter’ like only an artist of his calibre really could. Moving forward on stocky drums and a pumping bassline, Serum adds his spiking edge throughout the mix. Jayline changes the direction into choppier waters for ‘Appleroid’, following with a chaotic crossover of tightly cracking percussion, overlaid with pounding sub bass and a half time, carefully paced intro. Jayline produces a bouncy, warbling call to arms, with a stadium-lead hook which lowers you into its chaos. The producer doesn’t disappoint, providing a forceful reimaging.

Shimon then takes the lead, demonstrating why he’s become such a revered icon within the scene. ‘On The Job’ is powerful in its delivery, leaving you quivering with every stab of bass that filters through the composition. Each layer hits you like a freight train, producing an impact that will leave subs shattering. Shimon powers up break after break, ensuring that you’re left blown away at the standard flexed throughout this remix. Finishing the EP is newcomer Rushmore, adding his jaunty sonics for his retake on collaborative track ‘Warm’ from Benny L and Dub FX. Wrapping up with vibrant melody and diced up samples, Rushmore moves you into a new dimension and creates a crescendo for the record to finish on. Flying beats and cranking LFO helps to underpin the track, proving it’s not just the long-timers who are here to make an impression.

Beatport Exc: 17th Feb

AudioPorn: Distribution & PR by Cygnus

By Alex Diode

Alex Diode is a Drum & Bass enthusiast from MA, USA. He prefers long bass on the drums & neurofunk at sunset.