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Subtension Rocks it out!

Subtension – Nestbox EP is fantastic!

Critical drum & bass imprint Cause4concern know how to make their presence felt . Having ended 2017 on a climatic release from rising stalwart Akov, who proudly stepped up the label’s hold over the scene’s most unrelenting newcomers, they return with another output which solidifies how imperative they’ve come within its very fabric. Slovakian based producer Subtension is the next artist to slide into C4C’s crucial roster, bringing with him a four-track offering which is sure to orchestrate sub-littered damage over the months to come

The Nestbox EP highlights the wide ranging scope of a label like Cause4Concern. Yet again the label retains its snapping reputation, cutting forward with only the hungriest of newcomers. And together with the likes of Subtension, they’ve continued this pattern, proving that time after time they’re just as destructive as they were when they first affirmed themselves as a founding part of neurofunk. Title-track ‘Nestbox’ straight away underline Subtension’s ingenious take on drum & bass production. It’s sci-fi inspired sonics, ticking instrumentals, wooden drum pads and ticking bass stabs draw the track into an undeniable groove, one which oozes with a dancefloor edge whilst shifting from layer to layer. ‘Left Handed’ pulls out the clacking percussive streams which filter through each channel, gradually bringing you across step by step until its breakdown finally leaves you freefalling into a fluctuating bassline. Up next, Dephzac joins Subtension for collaborative track ‘Tomb Diver’, staying true to form with a deeply lined composition and subterranean bass-levels. Each segment pushes you further and further beneath the surface, never allowing you to come up for air. And then comes ‘Polar’, a more intimate finisher which introduces you through a dainty littering of melodies before the track rolls out with more hard-hitting drum rhythms. It’s of a softer hue, adding diversity to the C4C roster and back catalogue, helping to demonstrate how they became such renowned figures.

Alongside groundbreaking releases like the one provided by Subtension, they’ve held their domination since the label first came in to power. This is something they’re sure to uphold, still pushing the bar with every release.

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Razlom rides the funk out of you!

Razlom – Drunk Funk & Tokyo Drift

Razlom is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Their recent release on Bad Taste “Thriller” has certainly impressed and made the rounds around all dance floors.  You So Fat Records CEO, Cooper, Encode, and Nouwa are making their mark with a sound that is certainly different within the realm of Neurofunk Drum & Bass. Ignescent Recordings brings you their tracks “Drunk Funk” & “Tokyo Drifter.” The names to both tracks represent the sound perfectly. Drunk Funk starts off with a Blue’s sound in the piano that then brings in some amazing brass sounds that are all surely funky. Then the drop brings you in to your 1988 Ferrari as you step on the gas and tear out the roads of your dark neon city! Then Tokyo Drifter is just that… Picture yourself in your night black kamishimo and your laser sword ready to be swung out at any moment but you’re hanging out having a great time jumping from building to building leaving streaks of lights in your path. Then you land on your light cycle to weave through lanes of alternate reality.

These are amazing tracks ready for the taking. They’ve been out and are certainly are worthy of any set. Listen below and get them now!

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iluvdrumandbass We all Love It!

iluvdrumandbass is the bee’s knees!

Whoa! So over the past few days, a wave of community has surged online. Several pioneers and drivers of the Drum & Bass sound got together and discussed the importance of reaching out on social media platforms. They are absolutely correct. All of the fans of Drum & Bass are certainly biased that the sound is amazing. However, one of the problems our sound has is the lack of viewership of the average listener. This has held us back and has kept our business from growing as big as other top level genres. Some factors have pushed us to the back of the room and seclude us from the rest of the club music seen. We simply don’t have a public “visual” look to show how professional our sound is. We have let our rebellious hard heads stay in the raver attire we grew up with. This, along with, drugs within “rave” culture (as portrayed by the media), has made all people steer clear of our scene and dub our sound “techno.” Which angers me btw! And now to the birth of iluvdrumandbass.

I’ve said this needed to be changed for ever ago. But to this day, it hasn’t, for everyone outside of England, anyway. But times are changing and the artists are using the limitless power of the world wide web to create a community where we de-segragate our sub genres and have one full playlist where all labels and artists will have the chance to be heard. Check out the latest from labels such as RAM, Hospital, Technique, Viper, Breakbeat Kaos, Formation & Playaz’s, Liquicity, EatbrainCritical, Santoku and more!

Check out Spotify’s newest Drum & Bass playlist I ❤ DRUM & BASS here.

I ❤ DRUM & BASS represents an unprecedented act of unity and a coming together of Drum & Bass labels from all over the world. An acknowledgement of the genre’s diversity and multifaceted strengths by creating a definitive musical resource, a constantly updated playlist from all the scenes label’s and artists.

Spanning all sub-genres and being inclusive of all participating labels and artists ranging from RAM, Hospital, Technique, Viper, Breakbeat Kaos, Formation & Playaz’s, Liquicity, Eatbrain, Exit and Critical.. and that’s just for starters!

The concept emerged in October 2017 on a special message board originally set up to celebrate Grooverider’s birthday, with DJ Fresh sparking a conversation about the importance of adapting to and embracing streaming platforms. This line of thinking inspired Simon Bassline Smith to come up with the concept of a definitive drum & bass playlist for everyone’s music to feature on as soon as it’s released. A playlist with all forms of drum & bass from across the globe, self-organised by the scene itself and curated by the labels, with each label picking 1 track per week to be included.

A project with no political or corporate agenda, that exists purely to provide a home for the sounds of this global movement. A place where fans of the genre can explore the diverse sonic landscape of the music they love, or for those who want to explore the genre to immediately have access to the full spectrum. Without the bias of major label ownership and curation.

Driven by the strength of the idea, soon a core following of Dan (DJ Fresh), Simon Bassline Smith, Mickey Finn, Grooverider, Brendan Futurebound and DJ SS excitedly invited label heads from all over the world into a telegram chat room and I ❤ Drum & Bass was born.

Hundreds of players and labels have come together and committed to the concept from across the scene to bring you a place where the latest music is added daily by all the labels and artists you love. Including long-running institutions, hype and fresh labels and also niche imprints. Even unsigned releases and Drum & Bass releases from outside the traditional Drum & Bass labels are represented.

I ❤ Drum & Bass represents an evolving attitude in one of the most consistent and present genres of club music, bringing a new unity and energy to the table that’s set to invigorate the genre and inspire the world of music.

We need your help to spread the word. So please get on Facebook / Twitter/ Instagram / Snapchat and help us spread the message #iluvdrumandbass

I ❤ Drum & Bass is at…

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Blaine Stranger “Mesmerise” & “Get Down”

Blaine Stranger is among the top Drum & Bass producers

With a head of hair that will shy away any lion, Blaine, is on his way to not being a stranger to any our Drum & Bass fan. Viper Recordings pulled some sick sounds from down under with this australian Drum & Bass prodigy, Blaine Stranger. This new release is hailing as a funk floor mover. “Mesmerise” is your floor roller of the evening suitable for the biggest festivals to your car ride home from work. Its a track thats reminiscent of the older Sub Focus sound but still has its intrigue in mix down and ingenuity. The flip side, “Get Down,” is a smasher of a tune. Similar to the sound of Rusty K, Aeph, or the new crew Magnetude. This rack rolls with a feeling that is immense and can pump on any dance floor!

Check out the latest from Viper.

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Retro racing music!

Cyantific is not to be messed with!

We all enjoy the Viper Recordings sound. It’s a house hold name for avid Drum & Bass enthusiasts world wide. Their selection of dance floor music hold my admiration today as it did whilst growing up in DNB. Viper never seizes to amaze me with their selection and with that said, the truth is, the artists they put forth are some of the best in the world. Cyantific is no different while being SUPER Different! This man is a monster in the studio and continously puts out top notch Drum & Bass. His dance floor tracks always seem to hit him and this next one hits ever so sweet. “Fade into the Night” is a bowl of beauty in the sounds the artist has melded together. Check out the latest from Cyantific!

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The Prototypes @ Let It Roll 2017

The Prototypes continue to impress

I know this has been out for a bit but I had to post this. An amazing set from one of Drum & Bass’s best duos, The Prototypes, as played at Let It Roll Winter 2017.

Track List:

Dirtyphonics – Teleportation (The Prototypes Remix) Mind Vortex – Shall We Begin DC Breaks – Underground Netsky & Jauz – Higher (The Prototypes Remix) >> Wilkinson – Take You Higher Mind Vortex – Hotbox VIP Delta Heavy – Kill Room Killbox – Hype Circle Upgrade – Blow Heist – Spies Command Strange – Zero Sugar Sigma – Slow Down (Calyx & Teebee Remix) >> Mefjus – Suicide Bassline VIP Mefjus & Emperor – Sanity Check The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot (Calyx & Teebee Remix) >> Demo & Cease – Ladies Night (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) >> TC & Metrik – The Light (A.M.C VIP) Teddy Killerz – Monkey Kingdom The Prototypes – Abyss VIP >> Misanthrop – Rotor >> Sub Focus – Timewarp VIP The Prototypes – rocket guns Blazin’ The Prototypes – rocket guns Blazin’ (Glitch City Remix) Prolix – Shall We Begin The Prototypes – Kill the Silence (feat. Ayah Marar) >> Mr. Happy >> Guv – Warning Fourward – Sequencer Knife Party – LRAD (The Prototypes Bootleg) >> ID ID The Prototypes – Electric Glitch City – ID Dimension – In Bleach The Prototypes – Pop It Off VIP (feat. Mad Hed City) Majistrate & Turno – World’s End 1991 – Jungle Cats Majistrate – The Sound (Annix Remix) Gridlok – Steady Glitch City – Black Hole Skank >> Dimension – Whip Slap ID DJ Hazard – Killer’s Don’t Die Monty – Alarm It Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris – Clusterfunk Sigma – Beyond the Wall (The Prototypes Remix) Camo & Krooked – Ember The Prototypes – Don’t Let Me Go (feat. Amy Pearson) Dimension – Panzer ID The Prototypes – City of Gold >> TC – Tap Ho ID

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Get Naughty with AudioPorn Remixes

A Remix LP with some bangers!

We’ve just received a new promo from AudioPorn! Get naughty with these sick remixes from Jayline, Rushmore, Serum, and Shimon!

From the release:

Benny L: Appleroids Remixed

Following his recent collaboration with historical figure Shimon and a standalone EP which further solidified his place within the drum & bass genre, Benny L returns to the Audioporn imprint in the form of a remix package. Featuring some of the most exciting names to come forward in recent months, opening the door to fresh talent with names such as Rushmore taking centre stage it also provides music from more renowned artists, including Shimon, Jayline and Serum. ‘Appleroids Remixed’ caters to both the new school and old school in a four-track package, presenting a diverse range of talents.

With over ten years of experience in the game, Serum brings his vintage mix of jungle and jump up to the forefront for his rework. After a series of releases on the biggest brands in the underground, he brings his experience to ‘Bullfighter’ like only an artist of his calibre really could. Moving forward on stocky drums and a pumping bassline, Serum adds his spiking edge throughout the mix. Jayline changes the direction into choppier waters for ‘Appleroid’, following with a chaotic crossover of tightly cracking percussion, overlaid with pounding sub bass and a half time, carefully paced intro. Jayline produces a bouncy, warbling call to arms, with a stadium-lead hook which lowers you into its chaos. The producer doesn’t disappoint, providing a forceful reimaging.

Shimon then takes the lead, demonstrating why he’s become such a revered icon within the scene. ‘On The Job’ is powerful in its delivery, leaving you quivering with every stab of bass that filters through the composition. Each layer hits you like a freight train, producing an impact that will leave subs shattering. Shimon powers up break after break, ensuring that you’re left blown away at the standard flexed throughout this remix. Finishing the EP is newcomer Rushmore, adding his jaunty sonics for his retake on collaborative track ‘Warm’ from Benny L and Dub FX. Wrapping up with vibrant melody and diced up samples, Rushmore moves you into a new dimension and creates a crescendo for the record to finish on. Flying beats and cranking LFO helps to underpin the track, proving it’s not just the long-timers who are here to make an impression.

Beatport Exc: 17th Feb

AudioPorn: Distribution & PR by Cygnus

Jump Up Jungle


HumDruma Recordings

This release certainly brings me back to my origins. The Mighty Dreadnaut releases “Bravehearted” on HumDruma and its backed with the jump up track “Tear” up. “Brave hearted” is certainly a decent jungle track. While it may not be the most creative the track is pretty well produced. Jungle fans anywhere would certainly like to keep this in their pods and listen up on the ride to their next hype night.


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All American Drum & Bass

Flex Records brings you the Altered States LP


L Double’s Flex Records brings it big this time with releasing a fantastic release of immense proportions. The label that hails from UK got a group of artists and signed some of their best tracks for an good ol’ All American party! We were excited to hear about this from its conception. This gave an opportunity for these artist to mingle and grow as producers. It also shows what is to come in the future of American Drum & Bass. The land of the free and the home of the bass!

Lets be real here. I’m biased and I think my tracks on the LP are the best. HA! But in all honesty I had to choose my top 5 from the plethora of talent that comes through this EP.



#1 is the intro track Glitch & Pish Posh “Before Adam.” This is what neurofunk is all about. The track brings you back to the days of Kemal, Rob Data, etc. The erie atmospheres, stabbing filtered synths, tight bass stabs and smooth neuro drums hit so well on a big system.

Space Journey

#2 is Space Journey’s “Arcturi.” While I wish the track was a little meatier in the midrange the drop wobble is so sick! The switch
is so much better! That switch hits super fast with the synth stabs flying you through the maze of bass! Great track if I do say so myself. And… I am. *wink*

#3 is Pish Posh “Programmed to Ignite.” This track was certainly programmed for something. That neck breaking grunge facing neuro crunker standing in the middle of the dance floor not giving 2 f*%ks about anyone else. Deep into the beat and the bass line.


#4 is from the one we know as Liminal and his track “Frozen.” The offbeat amen style drums, the baseline, and that smooth vocal takes this track home. Gotta love this liquid sound here. Fantastic mix down and just an over all feel good track.

#5 and certainly not least is The Burner Brothers & Liminal with this AMAZING track called “Good Life.” This track speaks for itself… You need to get in if you haven’t yet.



A major shout out to all Artists involved. Pish Posh , The Burner Brothers , Space Journey , Liminal & Bengal ,NoizeKomplaint , Mixed Media & iIl Omen, HammerZz & Glitch.

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Whoa! Swing steppin’ neuro!

My favourite studio food is crumbs from all the pizza I buy Malux which he drops on the floor. – Crissy Criss

HA! Love it! RAM Records does it again and releases another bad, bad, bad tune. Crissy Criss, Malux, & Erb N Dub team up on the latest Program Music release. Blizzard and Wonky stick drop to the dance floor music. We absolutely dig the Wonky track. This is swing-step at its best. If you are a DJ looking to keep the crowd flowing through the middle of your set. This is the track! You can literally listen to the whole think and not want to mix another track in. So much respect for the jump up feel on this one. The A-Side of this release is “Blizzard” which is that high paced neurofunk sounding badmanness. Seriously a great track and you’ll be glad to mix this in with some Inside Info, Mefjus, Noisia’s “Program”. Stick with it though. That switch in the drop is so good! We kinda wish that was the main drop. Ever spill, dope release and a massive big ups to RAM and their Program imprint.


Check out the track and the interview as found on

You have a collaboration coming out together on Program – how did this come about? And how did you meet each other? Was there a certain track you’d heard from another member of the group which made you want to work with them? 
Erb N Dub –
We met each other through other music projects we were already working on. We decided to start making dnb together at my studio in Kent. Straight away we started knocking out the monsters.
Malux –
I met Pete (Erb N Dub) through my other music projects and we’d been working together for a while before we started drum n bass. I’ve known about Criss for a while and was originally into his dubstep earlier on. I always like collaborating, so when Pete suggested we all get in the studio I was really keen!
Crissy Criss –
Yeah pretty much what Erb N Dub said, I met Malux through Erb N Dub who’d been working with him for some time. I heard some of Malux’s tracks and was blown away so I knew we all had to do at least one track together which has now being released on Program.

You’ve worked together before previously, on tracks such as ‘Krokodil’. How do you find the group’s dynamic works? And what do you think each member brings to the table?
Erb N Dub –
Malux is the sound design guy. He’s got some serious skills in that department. Crissy brings his dance floor head to the table. It’s easy to get lost in technical skills and forget about the dance floor.
I like writing intros, drums, arrangement and whatever else I can throw into the pot!
Malux – 
We have written a lot of tracks together and each one is different. But generally I make a lot of the bass. Me and Pete work on drums a lot together as well as some of the bass. Crissy’s always got loads of ideas on his laptop so we’re always sending stuff back and forth. But when writing a track were all in the same room working together. We always take a bunch of ideas each of us have done and let the others mess with them.
Crissy Criss –
Pretty much the same again, I’m gigging every week so I point the track we’re working on in the direction I know is going to work if I play it out and then hopefully smash the dance floor. Malux is a beast at programming so when he hits the hot seat I can check my emails and Erb N Dub just makes tea that I don’t even drink.

You’re all from different parts of the world. Did you have a set way of working or a routine to make sure your tracks are finished? Were you all in a studio together, or were you sending files back and forth online?
Erb N Dub –
We all meet up in the studio and go in. We are not precious about any role or track. We are making dnb neuro bangers for the clubs. Club bangers are our focus!
Malux – 
Always in the room. I find there’s a much better dynamic that way. Everyone pushing each other forward.
Crissy Criss –
Usually I find turning up in my bath robe my missus bought me for Christmas usually sets the vibe right and we get down to business from there. I’m basically doing everything, they just turn up to use the Wi-Fi and FaceTime their girlfriends.

How do you think your different backgrounds affected the way you produced together? And what were you doing individually before you decided to produce together?
Erb N Dub –
We all bring something different to the table. Individually we were working on music and gigging.
Malux –
We each have a different take on drum and bass and I think that comes across in our music. I work on a non dnb (but still similar sounds) project called Skope which is my first musical venture but launching Malux has been a high priority and I have lots more solo music I’ve written which is on its way.
Crissy Criss –
Recently I’ve been doing quite a lot of dance floor remixes and writing crossover / radio friendly tracks plus a lot of gigging across the globe so I get a real good taste for what goes down where. After I’ve done a few days of that I’m ready unleash some nastiness with the boys down at the studio.

Are you planning to work together again in the future? And what are your plans individually; anymore releases in the pipeline?
Erb N Dub –
Of course we have a great chemistry and a lot of music to finish!
Malux –
Yep. Lots!
Crissy Criss 
I can’t cope anymore, never again…
I’ve got a huge chunk of my own solo music which I’m currently finishing off for my own label ‘Machine Made’. I have a brand new single coming end of July which features ‘Wide Awake’ and then obviously a huge chunk of tracks with Erb N Dub and Malux which you NEED to watch out for because.. Mate, it’s absolutely slammin!

And lastly, what are your individual studio set ups? Could you shoot us a gear list? On an average day, how do you like to work and what studio snacks do you always have to hand? 
Erb N Dub –
This is a long one lol. But I’ll just list the main gear.
Hardware –
Neumann Kh310a Monitors, Various Mac Pros, Apogee Ensemble, Ableton Push, Yamaha DX, Custom Acoustic Drums, Various Mics and Pre Amps, UAD Satellite, Novation Midi Keyboard, Yamaha DTX 750 Drums, Yamaha DXR PA system, Moog Prodigy, Pioneer Nexus CDJ’s, Pioneer DJM 850, Bluesky monitors and sub… I’ll leave it at that.

Software –
Cubase 8.5, Ableton 9, Native Instruments Komplete, UAD etc etc

I like to get in the studio from early and work long days. My favourite studio food is tuna!

Malux –
I run ableton on Mac. Use Adam a7x speakers with sub. Hardware – Sherman filter bank. Lexicon multi fx unit. Kaos pad. Yamaha dx synth. RNC compressor. Software – NI, fab filter, izotope, waves.
I like to work fast with lots of coffee!

Crissy Criss –
I have a few studios, one just consists of my Macbook Pro and my lap awaiting a connection flight in a packed airport terminal. The other is in the middle nowhere on royal land which I share with Unorthodox, Sammy Porter and Disciples so I get a good mixture of music around me at all times where I can draw influences from.
I’m mostly on board with everything I use, currently using Reason 9 with quite a few Rack Extensions and also CuBase 8.5 and a bit of Studio One here and there. Rokit 4s / 5s / 8s, Yamaha HS8’s, Saffire Pro 40, Novation Bass Station 2, Moog Phatty, shit load of Behringer rack gear and a load more i can’t remember jammed packed into my studio haha.

My favourite studio food is crumbs from all the pizza I buy Malux which he drops on the floor.