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Razlom rides the funk out of you!

Razlom – Drunk Funk & Tokyo Drift

Razlom is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Their recent release on Bad Taste “Thriller” has certainly impressed and made the rounds around all dance floors.  You So Fat Records CEO, Cooper, Encode, and Nouwa are making their mark with a sound that is certainly different within the realm of Neurofunk Drum & Bass. Ignescent Recordings brings you their tracks “Drunk Funk” & “Tokyo Drifter.” The names to both tracks represent the sound perfectly. Drunk Funk starts off with a Blue’s sound in the piano that then brings in some amazing brass sounds that are all surely funky. Then the drop brings you in to your 1988 Ferrari as you step on the gas and tear out the roads of your dark neon city! Then Tokyo Drifter is just that… Picture yourself in your night black kamishimo and your laser sword ready to be swung out at any moment but you’re hanging out having a great time jumping from building to building leaving streaks of lights in your path. Then you land on your light cycle to weave through lanes of alternate reality.

These are amazing tracks ready for the taking. They’ve been out and are certainly are worthy of any set. Listen below and get them now!


ChaseR – Neuronoir EP

Ignescent Recordings Presents the Neuronoir EP

February 24 is the date the Russian Neurofunk producer, ChaseR, takes another step on galaxies. The Neuronoir EP on Ignescent Recordings shows the growth of this artist. Every track made is better than the last. This EP shows the variety within one genre that this artist can generate. This 4 track EP is a killer for your stereo or neurofunk dance floor set. The track ‘Mecha’ was recently featured on Noisia Radio and the famed artists gave some well deserved kudos to ChaseR.

The title track, ‘Neuronoir’, is a beautiful representation of art. I can literally close my eyes and see the colors emitting from the track. The intro atmosphere and eire vocal take my mind through a beauteous aurora beyond our galaxy. The smooth feeling of being immersed in a void is overwhelming. The intro progresses into a deeply run bass line on the drop. The white noise stile ride reminds you that you are not floating in a vacuum but that you are engulfed in the presence of the universe. Its amazing how a simple track can do so much. Neuronoir is needed for your set!

The other track that stands out is the horribly named ‘Circumznithal Arc.’ Thats a mouth full. But for such a complicated name, the track is simple and beautiful. This track has some basic bass sounds, but its just well done. This needs to be in a galactic space ship shooter video game. Amazing work from this artists and we can’t wait for whats next!

Amazing release! Listen below!


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1. ChaseR – Imprint
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