Neurofunk Techstep

Kodin has great taste!

Bad Taste Recordings brings forth Kodin featuring Billain

Kodin  (Eatbrain, Mindtech, Close 2 Death) comes from Croatia with some massively technical sounds. “Get Yourz” starts off with a simple pad and atmosphere. While simple it is a “pretty”sound. the pad then comes pitched up to build you up into the drop. This is where its at! The drop is bad ass. With deep, crunchy bass, and those chopped up vocals, this track is seriously NEURO funky. Throughout the track you get a sense of that neuron vibe. The from synth hits, filtered chords this A side certainly does the trick and is needed for your deep mind adventures.

Then there is this track… Oh my epicness! Billain and Kodin team up on the track “Exobiota.” This track is beautifully arranged. The intro has some epic dark anime style pads. You and I will agree that the intro pads and strings can be a stand alone track. The brass comes through so well. The intrigue continues with the synth in the break down to build up. The hoover style synth brings you in, pitching up, raising you into OBLIVION! “I’m seeing things” and BOOM the drop! Certainly noticeable, billion drums and fast has with a crunchy sampled bass line. We dig it. Epic track from the duo. You need this. Probably one of the greatest workout beats out there for sure.