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Fa11out & Vegas get Dark on Bad Taste

Bad Taste Recordings brings you Fa11out with Vegas

Wow. I must say this one is different but nasty! Time and time again, Bad Taste Recordings come through with music that consistently shows change what we call Drum & Bass. This one from the label has certainly proven that you don’t need super fat drums to make a slammer of a tune. Fa11out is another Bosnian drum & bass act that is hailing well in the drum & bass scene. The duo are promoters in their local scene and have hitched up with Bad Company UK veteran, Vegas to come up with this slamming track.

Check out the track below if you haven’t yet already.

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DNB Magazine TV : EPISODE 2

DNBMAG TV : Episode 2 : Drum & Bass Reviews

Thank you for tuning in to DNBMAG TV Episode 2 brought to you by DNB Magazine! On today’s episode we talk about releases from Bad Taste Recordings, Othercide Records, A R Records, and a free download from Spectrasoul.

Billain – Batbots / Manifold The Remix EP

Bad Taste Recordings brings it again with a mammoth of a extended play release. Billain, a Bosnian drum & bass producer, released the original Batbots and Manifold with Bad Taste on their various artist LP “Black Box Two” in 2013. 4 Years later, the label commissioned some of the best Neurofunk producers to remix the two tracks. Pyhthis (Blackout) and Mindscape (Eatbrain) remixed Batbots. Neonlight (Blackout) and Malux (Bad Taste) took over Manifold. I was so impressed with each of the tracks I honestly cannot say one is better than the other. They are all different but all set smashers. Have a listen to the Malux Remix of Manifold as played on Inspector Dubplate.


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Billain – Batbots / Manifold The Remix EP

Bad Taste is hooking us up this year with some dope remixes!

2017 is coming correct and Bad Taste is raising the bar! February 2nd will show us how remixes are done when Bad Taste Recordings releases Batbots / Manifold The Remix EP. Batbots and Manifold were originally written by Bosnian beat master, Billain. Billain, also known as Adis, is a sound designer who’s skill in FL Studio surpasses most and his outlook on the manipulation of sound surpasses the evolution of time itself. Check out his trailer showcasing some work here. This is an amazing peace of art!

The Remix EP
Now since we have certainly impressed your with Billain’s talents as a sound designer. You must now brace yourself for The Remix EP. The Remix EP takes the sick ideas from Billain and tags them up with Neurofunk Power Houses, Neonlight, Malux, Mindscape, and Pyhthius! As I said you must brace yourself! This EP will blow you away! Every single track is done proper. During promo listening we were asked which track was our favorite or “the best” and this was a tougher decision than buying my house! I literally listened to all tracks twice… Then I began to chose I would click on one remix, then another, then the next, and 20 minutes later, I could still not choose! So, the one I chose was random because I couldn’t dwell on it any longer. Each one of these tracks could fit in your dance floor drum & bass set and so far these are the best remixes of the year! Big Ups to Bad Taste Recordings for a sweet selection and to the producers involved for their talents! Listen to Mindscape’s Remix below and enjoy!

 – BILLAIN Batbots/Manifold The Remix EP –

A Billain – Manifold (Neonlight Remix)
B Billain – Manifold (Malux Remix)
C Billain – Batbots (Mindscape Remix)
D Billain – Batbots (Pythius Remix)

Cat Number: BT055
Digital Release date: 3rd February 2017
Vinyl Release date: TBA
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Trilo Racing to Exit the Panic Room

No Fear from Bad Taste and Trilo

Trilo is certainly a repsected neurofunk producer in the Drum & Bass scene. His sound is typically that type that makes you want to grind deep in the depths of your mind. “Exit Ticket” is certainly neurofunk! While it’s bass is a bit “crunchier” than this style, the tight drums and perfectly levels subs keep it in that deep funk vibe. “Panic Room” is the perfect track for your mix. That ne wave style dark break down and the foley drum fill just before the drop bring you in to a this wide sounding crunchy bass line that keeps you rolling though. Take a listen to how the drums sit as well. Its an amazing peace of engineered music. Big ups to Trilo on this and the infamous Bad Taste Recordings bringing you the best in Drum & Bass music. And the artwork… Is something else!


From the Presser:

Slovakian producer Trilo returns to Bad Taste with a technology driven single bringing gritty and grooving funk into the neuro realm. He brilliantly executes his style of blending theatrical atmospheric’s and signature sound-design with these two tracks.

With the current state of the world we live in, often feeling trapped behind technology and everyday life, it’s important to have a way out, an exit ticket of sorts…

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Kodin has great taste!

Bad Taste Recordings brings forth Kodin featuring Billain

Kodin  (Eatbrain, Mindtech, Close 2 Death) comes from Croatia with some massively technical sounds. “Get Yourz” starts off with a simple pad and atmosphere. While simple it is a “pretty”sound. the pad then comes pitched up to build you up into the drop. This is where its at! The drop is bad ass. With deep, crunchy bass, and those chopped up vocals, this track is seriously NEURO funky. Throughout the track you get a sense of that neuron vibe. The from synth hits, filtered chords this A side certainly does the trick and is needed for your deep mind adventures.

Then there is this track… Oh my epicness! Billain and Kodin team up on the track “Exobiota.” This track is beautifully arranged. The intro has some epic dark anime style pads. You and I will agree that the intro pads and strings can be a stand alone track. The brass comes through so well. The intrigue continues with the synth in the break down to build up. The hoover style synth brings you in, pitching up, raising you into OBLIVION! “I’m seeing things” and BOOM the drop! Certainly noticeable, billion drums and fast has with a crunchy sampled bass line. We dig it. Epic track from the duo. You need this. Probably one of the greatest workout beats out there for sure.

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Current Value comes again!

Current Value is surely a force to recon with.

As we know, Current Value’s Drum & Bass is unlike any other. His tracks truly stand out in their creativity and surely in the production value. His tracks contain some of the nicest pads and then in to some gritty bass lines. Our favorite part of his production is the drums. Tim (Current Value) is one of the few who can distort their drums but keep them sounding clean & punchy. We are true fans of the Current Value sound.

Our friends at Terminal who are the collective label of Bad Taste, Meth Lab, and Eatrbain release the “Partition” EP this Friday 7/11/2016 on Beatport. Current Value surely is a pioneer in Drum & Bass and Terminal made a great selection for this EP. This EP brings it all. From grime through to some sick distorted synths. We must say this EP is great.

Keeping it Balanced:

“Balanced Armature” is our favorite track on the “Partition” EP. This track starts of with some simple tight drums with a great atmospheric pad in the background and then it grows to add some rides and hats that are so fitting to the track and Current Value style. What gets us is the synths. OMG The synths! We love that retro rave style glitching stab. When the track drops it brings you in so deep. Deep into concentration, deep into the mental vortex spun from the womb of a galactic spider threading together our very existence. The distortion on the bass is so nice, it keeps the bass deep. The second drop is where its at! Its simple and adds some filters sweeps of the main synth… You must hear this song! While its not your typical dance floor banger, it truly does justice to the term “neuro.”


Have a listen to the full EP below and don’t hesitate to buy this EP.