This Neurohop is Fire!

Othercide Records brings you the Insurrectionists EP

Othercide Records continues to break barriers and is assisting in pushing through that neurohop sound we’ve come to love from artists like Chee, Ivy Lab, and Mefjus. Their latest release from artist Signs titled “Bandulu” EP was massive. This new EP features various artists showing different sides of the neuro-hop spectrum. When first looking at the artist like I felt like Ordure and Posij were going to steal the show but I was blown away from the funky sound brought to you by neurofunk producer Disprove. His track ‘Hyuman’ is a massive piece of music. Its the kind of tracks any listener would approve of! Big ups to the label and the sounds throughout! Check out this massive release now! Check out the sick track from Ordure down below:

From the presser:

Artists // Posij, Ordure, Glpyh & Survey, Ak Hash & Host, Disprove
Release // The Insurrectionists EP
Label // Othercide
Release Date // 29.01.18

Between layers divisible in the fabric of space and time, the fragments of another universe have crept through into our own. Resonance of depths new interfere with the very laws of our reality, creeping with menacing subtlety ever further into the context that surrounds and binds us. The revolt is close, matter set to be usurped by THE INSURRECTIONISTS – weaponized low frequencies manifesting the key from the SUBVERSE.

Following rapidly on the tail of SIGNS ultra effective introduction of OTHERCIDE RECORDINGS fresh low tempo series – SUBVERSE – a new wave of bass is at the horizon, formulating a warm-edged secondary movement in the concept. THE INSURRECTIONISTS EP, consists of 5 superbly crafted weighted frequency assaults from AK HASH & HOST, DISPROVE, GLYPH & SURVEY, ORDURE and POSIJ. An artful set of accomplished sonic ideas that deliver milk for the ears whilst starving the lungs of air with their low-pressure drops. The SUBVERSE manifesto is clear, the subliming has begun.