This Neurohop is Fire!

Othercide Records brings you the Insurrectionists EP

Othercide Records continues to break barriers and is assisting in pushing through that neurohop sound we’ve come to love from artists like Chee, Ivy Lab, and Mefjus. Their latest release from artist Signs titled “Bandulu” EP was massive. This new EP features various artists showing different sides of the neuro-hop spectrum. When first looking at the artist like I felt like Ordure and Posij were going to steal the show but I was blown away from the funky sound brought to you by neurofunk producer Disprove. His track ‘Hyuman’ is a massive piece of music. Its the kind of tracks any listener would approve of! Big ups to the label and the sounds throughout! Check out this massive release now! Check out the sick track from Ordure down below:

From the presser:

Artists // Posij, Ordure, Glpyh & Survey, Ak Hash & Host, Disprove
Release // The Insurrectionists EP
Label // Othercide
Release Date // 29.01.18

Between layers divisible in the fabric of space and time, the fragments of another universe have crept through into our own. Resonance of depths new interfere with the very laws of our reality, creeping with menacing subtlety ever further into the context that surrounds and binds us. The revolt is close, matter set to be usurped by THE INSURRECTIONISTS – weaponized low frequencies manifesting the key from the SUBVERSE.

Following rapidly on the tail of SIGNS ultra effective introduction of OTHERCIDE RECORDINGS fresh low tempo series – SUBVERSE – a new wave of bass is at the horizon, formulating a warm-edged secondary movement in the concept. THE INSURRECTIONISTS EP, consists of 5 superbly crafted weighted frequency assaults from AK HASH & HOST, DISPROVE, GLYPH & SURVEY, ORDURE and POSIJ. An artful set of accomplished sonic ideas that deliver milk for the ears whilst starving the lungs of air with their low-pressure drops. The SUBVERSE manifesto is clear, the subliming has begun.

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DNB Magazine TV : EPISODE 2

DNBMAG TV : Episode 2 : Drum & Bass Reviews

Thank you for tuning in to DNBMAG TV Episode 2 brought to you by DNB Magazine! On today’s episode we talk about releases from Bad Taste Recordings, Othercide Records, A R Records, and a free download from Spectrasoul.

Billain – Batbots / Manifold The Remix EP

Bad Taste Recordings brings it again with a mammoth of a extended play release. Billain, a Bosnian drum & bass producer, released the original Batbots and Manifold with Bad Taste on their various artist LP “Black Box Two” in 2013. 4 Years later, the label commissioned some of the best Neurofunk producers to remix the two tracks. Pyhthis (Blackout) and Mindscape (Eatbrain) remixed Batbots. Neonlight (Blackout) and Malux (Bad Taste) took over Manifold. I was so impressed with each of the tracks I honestly cannot say one is better than the other. They are all different but all set smashers. Have a listen to the Malux Remix of Manifold as played on Inspector Dubplate.


Featured Releases Neurofunk Techstep

Current Value Rethink EP

Current Value and the team come from the Othercide

We have been fans of Current Value for something. Every release comes through correct and original. His style is by far one of the most unique while maintaining energy, craft, and the engineering is just on point. Tim (Current Value) is certainly a machine in human disguise. He churns out tunes like McDonald’s churns out hamburgers. Except his tunes are far tastier and healthy for the Drum & Bass soul. Heavy bass, crunchy beats is what current value and this EP “Rethink” is no different or is it..


This artist was known in the past for heavy drums, sick bass, and you know what? Nothing has changed but the sub-genre is now Neurofunk. We are certainly welcoming it! With projects like MachineCode and releases on Critical, Blackout, & Eatbrain, CV is a true musician who’s found his calling in Drum & Bass. Othercide Records was on the same page and they took on an amazing rendition of music with great remixes to boot.


Is Rethink one of the best of 2016? YES!

This release allows you to literally take a step back and re-analyze what Drum & Bass is, was and will be. This artist is truly brings you back with some awesome pads, atmospheres, synths, to the days of circa 2004 but gives you these gut wrenching baselines. The sounds this man creates can be considered circa 2030. Some of the bass sounds make me think of movies like Space Odyssey or Tron and the kind of music those movies should’ve had.

This Rethink release has interesting points to be touched on. First is the track “The Deep” which can bring you back to older Current Value music from labels like as Position Chrome and Section 8. I was interested to hear this experimental sound and the touching back on those metallic drums I was always waiting to hear. The atmosphere given my this track is erie to say the least but at the same time you feel like you’re on a floating pixelated cloud that continuously glitches and changes with every effect going on. It’s an interesting take compared to the slammers on this release.

CV and his Amazing Friends!

Current Value and Othercide bring in their friends. Billain who is well known for extremely fast beats, crazy bass, and
immense sound design remixes the title track “Rethink.” Now, I must say it can’t touch the title track but Billain does the tune justice! This is one of the few tracks Billain has written where you and hear some emotion in the tune. Billain is known to put forth Robot Drum & Bass and the synths in this one are a bit different. It’s still a “Billain” track, though! Fast, Hard, Snappy, and the switch up and effects used throughout are so awesome! Next are the Signs remix of Serum X and Dean Rodell’s remix of Capsule. Both were done extremely well!

CV rocks it the hardest however with the title track. “Rethink” is that tear out Drum & Bass we all love to crank out to on the dance floor. We won’t talk much about it. This track speaks for itself! Don’t take our word for it. Listen. Then pre-order!



Featured Releases Free Download Neurofunk Techstep

This LP was Meant to be SICK!

Freq. cutting through the scene from the Othercide.

Freqax releases an album with the dark label, Othercide Records. Meant to Believe LP was seriously meant to be sick. We must say that there is not one track that we don’t like. All of the tracks are hard and dark, just like our coffee. Freq. has shown some major improvements as a producer in the previous year. This outfit is just right for him. In this album he was able to show his skills as a dark step producer and he pays homage to the labels style and the dark scene of our future. “Sick” boast a great near feel. The drops drum line is in tune with those drums of the Kemal, Rob Data days but then gets funkier as the track goes on an continuously progresses leaving you dazed in amazement as the sounds just get sicker.

In addition, our pick is surely the track “Shokin'” written with Othercide label order, Neks. This track just rolls nice and fast. The rave style synths will certainly continue the party going on strong. We’ll leave you to listen and enjoy!!! Buy the album and spread the word! As a result, this is a fantastic album. FREQAX is the future of hard neurofunk.