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Bad Taste presents Molecular Music II 

Impressive eclectic music from the team at Bad Taste Tecordings

So I’ve spent the last hour listening to music as I get back on track from a few weeks hiatus. I opened up the email and a plethora of great music spewed out into my brain. One release of which stuck out the most. Bad Taste has the second edition of Molecular Music featuring a multitude of great neurofunk artists. On this release you get music from Redpill, Art1fact, Cod3x, Mean Teeth, Khronos, Encode,Valrus, Hyqxyz, Black Barrel, Mars, and the well known Machine Code. 

All tracks on this release are certainly worthy of a mix set, workout music, drive themes, but one of them stands out to me the most.  

Mars “I Never Stopped Fighting”

This is a fantastic piece of neurofunk! The intro is a simple set of beauteous atmospheres, synths, and them tight staple neurofunk drums. The break down keeps you intrigued to what’s to come. The sample from Matt Damon’s movie The Martian sits so well in this! I fell asleep during the movie but I certainly couldn’t fall asleep through this track. I’d dance through my bed sheets all night if this thing was on loop. The drop has a hint of older Spor music with a certain Bad Taste twist. Great piece of work! 

Check out the release at Bad Taste Recordings! 

By Alex Diode

Alex Diode is a Drum & Bass enthusiast from MA, USA. He prefers long bass on the drums & neurofunk at sunset.