Featured Releases Neurofunk

Bad Taste presents Molecular Music II 

Impressive eclectic music from the team at Bad Taste Tecordings

So I’ve spent the last hour listening to music as I get back on track from a few weeks hiatus. I opened up the email and a plethora of great music spewed out into my brain. One release of which stuck out the most. Bad Taste has the second edition of Molecular Music featuring a multitude of great neurofunk artists. On this release you get music from Redpill, Art1fact, Cod3x, Mean Teeth, Khronos, Encode,Valrus, Hyqxyz, Black Barrel, Mars, and the well known Machine Code. 

All tracks on this release are certainly worthy of a mix set, workout music, drive themes, but one of them stands out to me the most.  

Mars “I Never Stopped Fighting”

This is a fantastic piece of neurofunk! The intro is a simple set of beauteous atmospheres, synths, and them tight staple neurofunk drums. The break down keeps you intrigued to what’s to come. The sample from Matt Damon’s movie The Martian sits so well in this! I fell asleep during the movie but I certainly couldn’t fall asleep through this track. I’d dance through my bed sheets all night if this thing was on loop. The drop has a hint of older Spor music with a certain Bad Taste twist. Great piece of work! 

Check out the release at Bad Taste Recordings! 

Featured Releases Neurofunk

Filip Motovunski has made it…

Right Here on Bad Taste Recordings

Filip Motovunski delivered Cro Cop Kick of a track. This Croatian Drum & Bass / Jungle dj and producer has been picked up by the infamous Bad Taste Recordings. We are impressed with the sound. Filip delivers a different style of Drum & Bass and his simple approach is surely effective. “Right Here” has some beautiful pads and epic vox. Then he brings in a 7th chord synth and a bouncy drum drop. This is a fun track and with quality that compares to the upper echelon of Drum & Bass producers. Is this a dance floor effective track? In the right circumstance, hell yes. I love the mix down of this track especially. Its all crisp and clean and completely in control. The Lava VIP is the one that hits hard to me though. This is NEURO at its finest. “Every little thing gets burned by Lava.” Check out the music video for this sick track!


Neurofunk Techstep

Fa11out & Vegas get Dark on Bad Taste

Bad Taste Recordings brings you Fa11out with Vegas

Wow. I must say this one is different but nasty! Time and time again, Bad Taste Recordings come through with music that consistently shows change what we call Drum & Bass. This one from the label has certainly proven that you don’t need super fat drums to make a slammer of a tune. Fa11out is another Bosnian drum & bass act that is hailing well in the drum & bass scene. The duo are promoters in their local scene and have hitched up with Bad Company UK veteran, Vegas to come up with this slamming track.

Check out the track below if you haven’t yet already.


Trilo Racing to Exit the Panic Room

No Fear from Bad Taste and Trilo

Trilo is certainly a repsected neurofunk producer in the Drum & Bass scene. His sound is typically that type that makes you want to grind deep in the depths of your mind. “Exit Ticket” is certainly neurofunk! While it’s bass is a bit “crunchier” than this style, the tight drums and perfectly levels subs keep it in that deep funk vibe. “Panic Room” is the perfect track for your mix. That ne wave style dark break down and the foley drum fill just before the drop bring you in to a this wide sounding crunchy bass line that keeps you rolling though. Take a listen to how the drums sit as well. Its an amazing peace of engineered music. Big ups to Trilo on this and the infamous Bad Taste Recordings bringing you the best in Drum & Bass music. And the artwork… Is something else!


From the Presser:

Slovakian producer Trilo returns to Bad Taste with a technology driven single bringing gritty and grooving funk into the neuro realm. He brilliantly executes his style of blending theatrical atmospheric’s and signature sound-design with these two tracks.

With the current state of the world we live in, often feeling trapped behind technology and everyday life, it’s important to have a way out, an exit ticket of sorts…