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Maztek On the Eatbrain Grind

maztekMaztek “Grinder” EP on Eatbrain is Amazing

We were so excited to receive the promo from Terminal recently and as always, Eatbrain unleashes another monster from the arsenal of music. Mastic is known for quality sound, creative baselines, and a for being a true artiste of the Neurofunk sound. We’ve listened to Maztek over the years and have loved his growth in production quality and ideas. We must also say we are suckers for those Maztek Remixes that never let us down.


Getting to know that man, the myth, the Maztek:

Maztek is a 10-year Drum & Bass Veteran. His firsts releases were in 2006 and then he became well known with the releases on famed imprint Subculture Recordings in 2008. Subculture was an outlet he created that also released artists like Optiv, No Money, and more. Later on in 2012, after releases on labels Ammunition, Basswerk, Syndrome Audio, and a few others, Maztek landed on the world renowned Renegade Hardware with this “Galactica” single. This is an achievement most every producer would love and its not surprising he made it there with the quality of music he’s put out. Later in 2014 Maztek released his first album “Three Point Zero” on Renegade Hardware and yet again blew us aware with tracks like “Badlicious” and the title track “Three Point Zero.”

Maztek continued to simply never let us down through today with
2016 premiering some of the best music in Neurofunk. We take a minute to talk to Maztek about whats to come in our future from his amazing sounds:

Maztek "Grinder" EP (Eatbrain Records)
Maztek “Grinder” EP (Eatbrain Records)

The Interview:

Maztek Interview First Off, Thank you so much for the opportunity to talk. DNB Magazine is a major fan of yours since the conception of the project. It is surely an honor.

Thank you guys it is my pleasure and honor.

Now, as of late you have been making even heavier bangers and the quality of your craft is consistently improving. We love your free download of “Dark Warrior” featuring Maksim, the BTK Rework remix and we’re amazed with your tracks on the new “Grinder” EP forth coming on Eatbrain.

Thanks as a producer I always try to discover more, try new things and do better and the best tune is always the next one.

We understand you’re from Rome but are now in the Netherlands. Why the move and has it influenced your music at all?

I decided to move for the music, here drum&bass is very very hot at the moment and I can say that this move has definitely influenced my production technically. There are also many other producers around here and you get many imputs from the everyday life as well.

We all are aware of the DAW’s out in the world and are sure you’ve used many. Which is your DAW of choice? Synth of choice?

I chose Cubase many years ago and i’m still in love with it, it’s very professional and gives you many options and tools for your production. About the synth I love the Virus TI2 but also the new Xfer Serum synth which is actually pretty complete. Still in love with NI Massive too. For the drums I felt in love with addictive drums and Ez drummer or superior drummer.

For those that don’t know, you’re also a hell of a graphic designer. What works are you most proud of and where can we see this work? What have you got cooking now?

You can see my graphic designs in all the Subculture records, I also made the trendkill records logo and other things as well. Since few years I’m focusing more on the music than on the graphic design so there will be more music coming out from myself than artworks .

The title track is so well produced. From the arrangement, builds, switches, follies & fills, we stay interested and captivated throughout. What went in to this track that may be a little different than others?

I tried to give it a fresh touch but keeping my raw and “minimal” kind of sound, straight on your face without too much high sounds but focusing more on the drum and the bassline. I think the result is grinding pretty well .

June Miller is featured on your “Blaffer” track which is an amazing tune. How did you go about connecting and what was it like working with June Miller?

I linked up with them when I moved to Holland, I went to their studio in Rotterdam and we started that tune, it is actually almost a 1 year old tune that we finished lately with their magic touch.

To work with June Miller is amazing and fun, they are really 2 gentlemen and the flow of the session is smooth and productive. We are definitely going to do more togheter.

Back to the art side. We love Eatbrain’s artist of choice, Trinyo. What do you think of Eatbrain’s choice for the artwork on your Grinder EP?

I love it, I love all of their artworks and the story behind every release. In my case I think it suites the title tune.

We’re in the business of “What’s next!?” So with that said, what is next Mr. Maztek? Free Downloads, Tours, Artwork, EPs, LP?

I’m gonna release a free tune probably after the summer, something drum&bass this time I’ve never released. I’m also working on some beats with Gridlok who just moved to Amsterdam and other solo tunes and collab with singers I still don’t want to reveal. Making also some new beats for the Dope DOD guys.

Last but not least: Whats your favorite movie?

That’s hard to say I have many but if I have to pick up one of all time I would say the goonies

Maztek, This concludes the interview. Thank you so much for your valuable time. Get back to the studio and make more NASTY music. We surely cannot wait!

Thank you guys and shouts to all the followers and supporters see all of you around soon.

Check out the Grinder EP coming soon on Eatbrain Records. (Our review is coming soon!)



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Interview with Gancher & Ruin

These twins double up the sickness!

Gancher & Ruin are Russian twin brothers who have been storming the scene with their Neurofunk. Their Eatbrain releases are by far some of the best we’ve heard to date. Every track of their is spot on!  The duo have released on Position Chrome, Mindocracy, Yellow Stripe, Future Sickness, and Enzyme. We’ve been listening to their tracks for some time and have loved the progression and transition into Neurofunk. After their latest release “The Chase” EP on Eatbrain, we decided we had to talk to them and find out whats next!

Artist Interview

First off, We are excited to talk to you and appreciate you taking the minute to talk to us about yourself and your latest EP “The Chase ” on Eatbrain’s imprint. We’ve seen some changes in your production overtime. Hows it been going the last few years? What have you done different in your production process that makes “The Chase” EP different from your previous releases?

Hey there!
Yeah, actually it’s been a big time for us. We have been working on a lot of different styles. Music won’t stop. It always vary and that’s what we like. More you listen to different genres – more you grow. Especially when you produce different music. It brings you new horizons (if you know what I mean). That’s great thing that brought us a new view on drum and bass.
If you like more neuro-style you do that – there is no borders. If you know you can do it – then do it. At least you try and move forward 🙂

As you know by our first question, we listen to your music. I worked with Cooh in the past so while our paths didn’t cross our musical influences surely have. I knew your music as that Crossbreed Drum & Bass that was very hardcore techno influenced music as well as your metal influences heavy amen music. While still hard bass, this latest EP is surely not that at all. What brought you to the Neurofunk side?

As an Artist and as a Person you have to get to the new level, I think. We choose Neurofunk as a new level. It has really nice techniques and vibe that we’ve been into for a long time.
We actually did a lot of Neurofunk back in the days but never released or showed anyone. It was more for getting skills on producing. And one day we thought: We can try do neurofunk and do it as we see it, but not as everybody does. I know it could sounds a bit … standard. We wanted to find a way to make a bridge between our old and new style and try to be not one of a many.

The engineering in “The Chase” has been great. You’ve set a new bar for yourselves and we are excited for whats to come. So we ask, whats next for you guys?

Thank you! The Chase was the first track Jade took for an EP. We just tried to follow the emotions you get when you chasing some one or getting chased. You can stumble, fall, loose the breath and get adrenalin of course. For us it doesn’t need some much sounds to show these emotions. The Chase is better than the catch. 😉

I hope soon you will hear some great stuff we’re working on these days!

At DNB Magazine, we love album artwork. Trinyo Art did this EP and its dope. Anime like and I like it. What do you guys think and who made the edit with your dog on the motorcycle? We love it.

Yeah, we felt in love with this artwork. It is amazing job! That’s the one we’ve been waiting for so long!
Firstly we’ve been talking about the artwork with brother and giving each other the ideas how it will be done, the idea of artwork, which theme will be chosen. We’ve checked all the Eatbrain Artworks trying to get how it will be done. But after we got the first version – I even could speak – It was so awesome!

About the edit with the dog. That was Alexey. He did small clip for instagram just for fun. Our dog has too much energy for her small size so she always running through the studio on the hyperspeed and sometimes you have to chase her to get her out form the studio. He just added dog’s head on the artwork and put it through a few filters in Prisma iOS app. So basically edited artwork gives you a representation of our chase for dog in the studio.

Any other words?

We never forget styles we’ve been into, so there are a lot of new tracks to come! For us it’s really boring working only in one style so get ready for new music!

We thank Gancher & Ruin for their time to talk to us and know they will surely be a force to recon with in the future! Connect with them by clicking on their logo below!


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You can’t run fast enough!

Gancher & Ruin bring forth a monster of an EP on Eatbrain

Eatbrain is known for putting out some bangers. We were left wanting more from the Machine Code album sampler because we know the album is going to be massive. In order to keep us happy while we wait, Eatbrain brings to us a monster of an EP from Russian twins Gancher & Ruin. First off we want to thank Terminal for the promo shot and must say, DNB Magazine listens to a lot of Drum & Bass and Eatbrain continues to put forth quality neurofunk!

We break it down:

“Tcoverhe Chase” EP is no different. The quality is superb and the music is great. We prefer EPs to show variation amongst the music and this EP doesn’t meet that preference but still totally destroys us at DNB Magazine. We must say “Dragonfly” stands out to us as our favorite right now. That drop is what happens when Russian Crossbreed producers take a whiff of some Jump Up while destroying the Neurofunk dance floor. We love this one! “I don’t care who you are but they will. I’m going to rob them of hope.” That sample is so sick. Boom, the drop and that “OhhWoauh” Bass sound! Talk about what good can be done when you have some jump up influence. Then the break down is so simple but the atmosphere rocks. We used to love when Gancher & Ruin worked with Panacea, Receptor, Cooh, but man… I don’t want to hear that anymore. I want more Gancher & Ruin.

The title track “The Chase” rolls as well. “Hunt them down!” That sample in the low pitch tone gets me ready for the ride of a lifetime. Then the switch in the track makes me feel like I’m driving in the movie “Tron.” I’m weaving through glowing pixels at light speed full of rage as my bike goes from the neon blue to hot red ready to destroy my objective. This is “RACING!” We love this track. Sometimes as producers we focus on listening to the production quality but this track doesn’t give the time to do so! With that said, the quality of this track is fitting to Eatbrain who only puts out the best in Neurofunk music. We love it.


Gancher & Ruin (feat. Jade)

The Chase EP
Release Dates:
Beatport Release: 11.07.2016
Worldwide Release: 28.07.2016


More to come as we talk with Gancher & Ruin!


Have a Listen:

From the Label’s Press Release:

Shades of orange bathe the streets in the neon glow of night. Under the artificial dome of the city, light from the dense urban landscape wraps itself against the overwhelming facades of towering habitats and server blocks, intermingling at the edges of imperceptible alleyways shrouded in darkness only broken by the flickering nocturnal emblems of deep night haunts of sleaze and virtual hedonism. The twins are at home here, every edge of the city mapped in their hybrid cerebellum, connected exquisitely with inter-dimensional technology stolen from the most intimate grasp of the AI governing the sprawl. Shattering the silence of the night with the abrasive roar of refined combustion and the precisely engineered mechanisms of their vehicles, the streets fly beneath them – acting as one, every corner taken with nothing to spare, utterly in the present – surgeons of the moment. The drones giving chase have no chance, unable to compensate for the perfectly calculated errors of humanity, every recalibration coming too late – THE CHASE is relentless and swift … the immaculate pair vanish into the dense depths of the labyrinthine underworld with their haul of sonic artifacts.

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Winter mute Artist Test

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