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The Concept of Munching Brains Piece by Piece

Segment & Concept Vision Roar through the galaxy!

Terminal has, once again, dropped some of the greatest of Neurofunk Drum & Bass this year. Eatbrain is releasing its latest EP staying true to the fact they surely know how to put forth great Drum & Bass. Segment & Concept Vision’s “Roar” EP is dropping this Monday and it is a top ten release without a doubt. We are ecstatic to hear some phenomenal music. We first heard the track “Hyperdrive” on UKF’s Soundcloud page and then shortly there after we were pleased to receive the promo drop in our email.

Our immediate reaction was of awe in the amount of bass that was coming through the speakers while not losing sight of the high end. Then, we said…. We must hear all of the tracks and in amazement the consistency was found! All of the tracks are well engineered, well written and rock so well. Our first favorite of the EP was Hyperdrive… This is a neurofunk track that is proof that neurofunk is real and not just a mix of tech-step and dark-step with filtered synths. With that said, our favorite track is now… The Thirst featuring Codex.

This track is deep! The is the brain munching type of neurofunk you’ll love. In the intro you can feel some great textures washing through the amen hits we were accustomed to when DNB first hit our ears. In the break down, the trio cooked up a smooth transition one that would ultimately bring you to the calm. It brings you to a center within yourself and slowly immerses you in the ether of reality! And while the drop the drop has a bass line you may feel is similar, the reverb vox style synth hit just brings you in! Yeah, We are on promo for this EP but it shall be bought by us and you shouldn’t wait! Make this a part of your set this coming Monday!

Listen to the full EP below!



By Alex Diode

Alex Diode is a Drum & Bass enthusiast from MA, USA. He prefers long bass on the drums & neurofunk at sunset.