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Have you taken your RedPill yet?

RedPill continues to slam the dance floors

This frenchman is certainly making his rounds in the Neurofunk scene. With releases on Invisible, Bad Taste, Cause 4 Concern, Kinetik, and famed Neurofunk Grid, RedPill continues to improve and amaze neuro fans worldwide. His latest EP on Eatbrain is probably one of the best in the business. Terminal (Distribution) is launching this thing like a winning field goal through the cosmos. “Call of the Warchief” EP is one of those releases where both producers will analyze and fans will carry in their playlist for years to come. Its a mix of high quality production, mixing, and creativity within this crazy box of a musical genre that continues to evolve day to day. This artist is becoming the War Chief of D&B and we can’t wait for more. Check out one of the few releases that deserve a full 5 stars!

From the Press Release:

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The conflict had raged through the night, staining the battlefield black with the dark blood of the fallen, a crust of congealing life permeating the bleak soil of this desolate place – the air punctuated the occasional shriek as soldiers fell – their voices joined with the weak moans of the dying that littered the landscape. Their enemies were gaining ground on that field of death, threatening to overwhelm the horde and put an end to their centuries-long advance. Dawn was approaching, and with it, it would carry the messenger of their fate. The clan leader knew this, shifting on his mount where he watched the battle below and tearing the very air with his harsh cry… summoning the one who could turn their ill tide. From amongst the horde, his twisted banners arose, knocking both ally and foe aside, the deadly Ogrehund before him gnashing at their chains, hungry for the blood that would cascade through their sharp teeth. The skulls of his fallen enemies adorned his sides, his thirst for death unvanquishable.. His clansmen hailed him, the WARCHIEF – here to free the living from the burden of their miserable lives…

REDPILL makes a swift and unforgiving follow up to 2017’s well-received REDPILL EP with another slew of cutting-edge tracks for EATBRAIN with his WAR CHIEF EP. Carrying all of the energy, balance and restrained powerful force that ravers have come to associate with this extraordinary and prolific French producer, the 6 tunes within carry devastating impact. From the percussive experimentation of FADING to the funk-filled madness of NEURODISCO and the tearout battle cry of CALL OF THE WARCHIEF – Redpill marks out a fierce perimeter that offers no mercy – this is an audio assault for the strong-hearted. TRANSFORM (feat. FRAGZ) brings an additional layer of dense but captivating aggression to the system, held within a tightly bound structure, whilst BIOMEKA and ARCADE SANCTUM offer up the kind of pointed and dynamic neurofunk that fans of Redpill know and love.

With his second significant foray into the Eatbrain label, REDPILL continues to prove his effectiveness on the dance and willingness to experiment relentlessly with the neurofunk sound. EATBRAIN provide a solid and nurturing home on which this talented young producer continues to flex his exponentially growing skills.

// release date
8th January Beatport Exclusive
22nd January worldwide



Mindscape! Zombies? Frankensteins?

Mindscape Re-Animator Chapter 1 teases

The mad scientist known as Mindscape, has been reviving Neuro for ever! We have been massive fans and his work on Eatbrain is impeccable. Mindscape and Eatbrain tease you with an EP to give some insight on a forthcoming EP that will enlighten souls tortured for millennia. Reanimator Chapter One is part of a 3 part series that will ultimately give you the ReAnimator LP on Hungary’s #1 label. Mindscape is sure to blow you away with our favorite track from the EP, “ManBearPig,” a dance floor crusher for hunting season!


The endless pursuit of perfection has driven many men to suffering, the search for an exquisite truth perhaps beyond manifestation. How many minds have twisted and turned on themselves through the pursuit of the elusive purity of their art? A journey that sees true corporeal professionals work with an intensity ferocious and swift enough to resuscitate and bring back mortals from the brink of the endless never, back into the world of the living. He had been one such professional, admired and doted upon by the colleagues who perpetually surrounded him, watching him move and hoping to glimpse his true connection with life and death… but that past was but a blink in his memory and there was no space in his bitter present to touch the repellent flame of the ego he once knew. His true work lay ahead, he had furthered himself beyond such irrelevant truths and opened a world of endless, pure possibility to explore his darkly beautiful, mortal art. His subjects were the dead, puppets of flesh held together through his quick work, re-introduced to the harshness of life in better fitting forms for this ill world, returned to this reality through his skill alone… the power of the REANIMATOR.

MINDSCAPE brings his unique and fierce take on d&b back to his home label with REANIMATOR CHAPTER ONE on EATBRAIN, the first part of a series of 3 EPs, that culminate in the REANIMATOR LP. As one of the imprint’s most recognisable figureheads, Mindscape deftly demonstrates why that’s the case with the 4 tracks within delivering distinct and succinctly powerful ideas to the table. MANBEARPIG carries a swagger dripping with pure and deliberately paced attitude, whilst SHUT DOWN (feat. COPPA) rides on a fast-moving bassline and percussive flurry. FIEND OR FOE executes an effective low-key roller laced with a sinister and restrained edge and DEEP VOID carries the menace of HIJAK’s vocal with exceptional effectiveness.

Carrying a keen awareness of the current motions in the drum & bass genre, and delivering 4 tracks that stay firmly ahead of the curve – MINDSCAPE delivers the premiere neurofunk for EATBRAIN with the REANIMATOR.

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The Steam Engine of Neurofunk

Magnetude continues to run through the competition!

Oh my goodness. Eatbrain is slcertainly one of the most respectable labels out there. The curators have the best taste in the neurofunk sound. They just had some slammers released and while we feel they are releasing too much at times, they are blowing us away with every release. With that said, this release is straight fire! 

Magnetude rocked a fantastic release with Lifted Music and that track “Now Run” hyped me up so much! Now, with Eatbrain, Magnetude releases what I feel is Eatbrains best release to date. All tracks are hype but our favorites are Press Play and Banshee. Take a listen below and make sure you buy to support this monsterous duo! 


Beatport –

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iluvdrumandbass We all Love It!

iluvdrumandbass is the bee’s knees!

Whoa! So over the past few days, a wave of community has surged online. Several pioneers and drivers of the Drum & Bass sound got together and discussed the importance of reaching out on social media platforms. They are absolutely correct. All of the fans of Drum & Bass are certainly biased that the sound is amazing. However, one of the problems our sound has is the lack of viewership of the average listener. This has held us back and has kept our business from growing as big as other top level genres. Some factors have pushed us to the back of the room and seclude us from the rest of the club music seen. We simply don’t have a public “visual” look to show how professional our sound is. We have let our rebellious hard heads stay in the raver attire we grew up with. This, along with, drugs within “rave” culture (as portrayed by the media), has made all people steer clear of our scene and dub our sound “techno.” Which angers me btw! And now to the birth of iluvdrumandbass.

I’ve said this needed to be changed for ever ago. But to this day, it hasn’t, for everyone outside of England, anyway. But times are changing and the artists are using the limitless power of the world wide web to create a community where we de-segragate our sub genres and have one full playlist where all labels and artists will have the chance to be heard. Check out the latest from labels such as RAM, Hospital, Technique, Viper, Breakbeat Kaos, Formation & Playaz’s, Liquicity, EatbrainCritical, Santoku and more!

Check out Spotify’s newest Drum & Bass playlist I ❤ DRUM & BASS here.

I ❤ DRUM & BASS represents an unprecedented act of unity and a coming together of Drum & Bass labels from all over the world. An acknowledgement of the genre’s diversity and multifaceted strengths by creating a definitive musical resource, a constantly updated playlist from all the scenes label’s and artists.

Spanning all sub-genres and being inclusive of all participating labels and artists ranging from RAM, Hospital, Technique, Viper, Breakbeat Kaos, Formation & Playaz’s, Liquicity, Eatbrain, Exit and Critical.. and that’s just for starters!

The concept emerged in October 2017 on a special message board originally set up to celebrate Grooverider’s birthday, with DJ Fresh sparking a conversation about the importance of adapting to and embracing streaming platforms. This line of thinking inspired Simon Bassline Smith to come up with the concept of a definitive drum & bass playlist for everyone’s music to feature on as soon as it’s released. A playlist with all forms of drum & bass from across the globe, self-organised by the scene itself and curated by the labels, with each label picking 1 track per week to be included.

A project with no political or corporate agenda, that exists purely to provide a home for the sounds of this global movement. A place where fans of the genre can explore the diverse sonic landscape of the music they love, or for those who want to explore the genre to immediately have access to the full spectrum. Without the bias of major label ownership and curation.

Driven by the strength of the idea, soon a core following of Dan (DJ Fresh), Simon Bassline Smith, Mickey Finn, Grooverider, Brendan Futurebound and DJ SS excitedly invited label heads from all over the world into a telegram chat room and I ❤ Drum & Bass was born.

Hundreds of players and labels have come together and committed to the concept from across the scene to bring you a place where the latest music is added daily by all the labels and artists you love. Including long-running institutions, hype and fresh labels and also niche imprints. Even unsigned releases and Drum & Bass releases from outside the traditional Drum & Bass labels are represented.

I ❤ Drum & Bass represents an evolving attitude in one of the most consistent and present genres of club music, bringing a new unity and energy to the table that’s set to invigorate the genre and inspire the world of music.

We need your help to spread the word. So please get on Facebook / Twitter/ Instagram / Snapchat and help us spread the message #iluvdrumandbass

I ❤ Drum & Bass is at…

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L33 gets Chopped Up: Karate LP Remixes

Eatbrain Presents L33’s Karate LP Blackbelt Edition

So we have just been hit up with an advanced copy of L33’s Karate LP‘s Blackbelt Edition coming soon on Eatbrain. This is one 2017 has been waiting for! The release is a 5 track EP featuring remixes by Neonlight, Joe Ford, Prolix, Synergy, and a VIP by the original album artist, L33. Eat brain’s curators have chosen a solid team to remix these tracks and each one shares its own flavor of gnarly bass and clean mixes. One does stand apart from the rest to us.

I’ve had a few days to thoroughly listen to the album. I’ve been back and forth trying to figure out my favorite track and have come to a conlclusion. I have chose the track that on first listen made me go “Oooooh!!!!” Thats the Joe Ford Remix of “Drop it Down Low.” Joe Ford was first introduced to my ears under the Breed 12 Inches imprint which was a spin off of the famous Lifted Music record label. He’s consistently put out great music and leaves us wanting more because he doesn’t put out an abundance of tracks for us to be amazed. Kind of like having top shelf whiskey in that you can’t bank on getting too much knowing your pockets will get empty. Joe Ford does stay relevant and his take on the remix is amazing!

The track initially starts with the “Drop it down for me” sample and enters some nice simple atmosphere with a trance style saw tooth synth. During the build you hear the ever ear trembling rumble of drums, reece synth melody, more synths, drums building, and “I’ll make the club bounce!” The drop hits with a head banging drum line and a sick comb-ish type of reece bass that sounds both “wet” and grimy at the same time. Then into the second drop you are introduced to an epic amen style beat with the same bass. So SICK!

Seriously! Have a listen to the album below:

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Turning The Gears w/ Nickbee

Nickbee punches through on Eatbrain

Nickbee is one of those high quality producers you know just by the signature of his sound. Simple and fat. This guy does an amazing job of controlling his sounds in such a way that every hit delivers a full impact while not losing anything in the work. His quality surely surpasses most producers and he can certainly be noted as once of the best engineers in the Drum & Bass scene. “The Gears” EP on Eatbrain certainly does just to his craft.

The prince of sound joins the force known as Eatbrain in Neurofunk Drum & Bass with his latest EP “The Gears” featuring the erie vocals of Syze.

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MachineCode LP #DNBMAGApproved

mclogoMachineCode comes through.

We were blessed once again with a promo. Shout out to Eatbrain, Terminal, and for the hook up. I have been waiting for this LP for sometime. The Mechtropolis Sampler definitely has one of my favorite tracks to date, Speaker. The MachineCode duo consists of Dean Rodell & Current Value. This tag team has put forth consistent quality Drum & Bass since there conception. The LP Sampler released earlier this year was certainly a taste of what was to come. Read that review here.
Now, in our review we touched on the feeling we were left with when listening to the release. The feeling of needing more. Ever feel like your meal was great but the food was not enough? Kind of like Kentucky Fried Chicken. Tastes great but not filling. We were left loving “Speaker” from that release but wanting more.

Did we get what we wanted?

The LP drops 9/5/2016. We had a chance to listen to this album and did so 4 times in a row. We wanted to give this one a fair shot and we’ll tell you why. There are some situations that require a second chance. We all love new technology! We’re always waiting for the latest smartphone, the next ribbon tweeter, or the newest midi controller. When we get a hint of whats to come we paint an image in our heads of how awesome its going to be. Then the newest iPhone drops and you look at it and its just like the one you just bought. We almost felt the Mechtropolis LP was the same at first listen…

And then I realized, I’m on laptop speakers, my kids, TV was going, the fan was on, and I’m cleaning my room looking like Aunt Jemima. What the [expletive] am I doing?! I laughed and I headed to my studio to give proper attention to what I found to be an amazing LP. Had to give a proper listen on my Adams.

MachineCode - Mechtropis LP
MachineCode – Mechtropis LP

The Delivery

MC Coppa
MC Coppa

I sat through the album another 3 times as I cleaned up the studio. Boy, some of these tracks were so sick. The album starts off with “Imagine” featuring the famed MC Coppa. This one features some great effects, high pitched vocals, and kind of reminds me of Karl K, Kaos, and Jae Kennedy and some other releases from circa 2005. Great intro track to kick off this LP.

They I was brought in to the world of Mechtropolis. A neo-dystopian society run by machines. Somewhat reminded me of Aeon Flux or The Animatrix Renaissance Part 1. The intro lets you in with great atmosphere and pads. Then the that Eatbrain style synth and the AWESOME vocal sample. “There once was a species called Human Being.” This took me in and then the drop was so deep. Now, this is not your romper stomper of a track that meant to make the dance floor jump up and down blowing whistles. This is a mind track. The synths and the effects that continously grow in the tracking wrapped in tight drum hits and a whisper by a sweep white noise / ride effect just keep it all going deep.

We dig it for sure but our “Ooooh” Moment was when we listened to “Skaro”. This is by far the best track on the release. Every track on this album was crafted with precision and we will certainly rep this album as a featured release on DNB Mag.

Have a listen below. Link to the sites to buy the release when it drops!

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The Concept of Munching Brains Piece by Piece

Segment & Concept Vision Roar through the galaxy!

Terminal has, once again, dropped some of the greatest of Neurofunk Drum & Bass this year. Eatbrain is releasing its latest EP staying true to the fact they surely know how to put forth great Drum & Bass. Segment & Concept Vision’s “Roar” EP is dropping this Monday and it is a top ten release without a doubt. We are ecstatic to hear some phenomenal music. We first heard the track “Hyperdrive” on UKF’s Soundcloud page and then shortly there after we were pleased to receive the promo drop in our email.

Our immediate reaction was of awe in the amount of bass that was coming through the speakers while not losing sight of the high end. Then, we said…. We must hear all of the tracks and in amazement the consistency was found! All of the tracks are well engineered, well written and rock so well. Our first favorite of the EP was Hyperdrive… This is a neurofunk track that is proof that neurofunk is real and not just a mix of tech-step and dark-step with filtered synths. With that said, our favorite track is now… The Thirst featuring Codex.

This track is deep! The is the brain munching type of neurofunk you’ll love. In the intro you can feel some great textures washing through the amen hits we were accustomed to when DNB first hit our ears. In the break down, the trio cooked up a smooth transition one that would ultimately bring you to the calm. It brings you to a center within yourself and slowly immerses you in the ether of reality! And while the drop the drop has a bass line you may feel is similar, the reverb vox style synth hit just brings you in! Yeah, We are on promo for this EP but it shall be bought by us and you shouldn’t wait! Make this a part of your set this coming Monday!

Listen to the full EP below!



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Current Value comes again!

Current Value is surely a force to recon with.

As we know, Current Value’s Drum & Bass is unlike any other. His tracks truly stand out in their creativity and surely in the production value. His tracks contain some of the nicest pads and then in to some gritty bass lines. Our favorite part of his production is the drums. Tim (Current Value) is one of the few who can distort their drums but keep them sounding clean & punchy. We are true fans of the Current Value sound.

Our friends at Terminal who are the collective label of Bad Taste, Meth Lab, and Eatrbain release the “Partition” EP this Friday 7/11/2016 on Beatport. Current Value surely is a pioneer in Drum & Bass and Terminal made a great selection for this EP. This EP brings it all. From grime through to some sick distorted synths. We must say this EP is great.

Keeping it Balanced:

“Balanced Armature” is our favorite track on the “Partition” EP. This track starts of with some simple tight drums with a great atmospheric pad in the background and then it grows to add some rides and hats that are so fitting to the track and Current Value style. What gets us is the synths. OMG The synths! We love that retro rave style glitching stab. When the track drops it brings you in so deep. Deep into concentration, deep into the mental vortex spun from the womb of a galactic spider threading together our very existence. The distortion on the bass is so nice, it keeps the bass deep. The second drop is where its at! Its simple and adds some filters sweeps of the main synth… You must hear this song! While its not your typical dance floor banger, it truly does justice to the term “neuro.”


Have a listen to the full EP below and don’t hesitate to buy this EP. 


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You can’t run fast enough!

Gancher & Ruin bring forth a monster of an EP on Eatbrain

Eatbrain is known for putting out some bangers. We were left wanting more from the Machine Code album sampler because we know the album is going to be massive. In order to keep us happy while we wait, Eatbrain brings to us a monster of an EP from Russian twins Gancher & Ruin. First off we want to thank Terminal for the promo shot and must say, DNB Magazine listens to a lot of Drum & Bass and Eatbrain continues to put forth quality neurofunk!

We break it down:

“Tcoverhe Chase” EP is no different. The quality is superb and the music is great. We prefer EPs to show variation amongst the music and this EP doesn’t meet that preference but still totally destroys us at DNB Magazine. We must say “Dragonfly” stands out to us as our favorite right now. That drop is what happens when Russian Crossbreed producers take a whiff of some Jump Up while destroying the Neurofunk dance floor. We love this one! “I don’t care who you are but they will. I’m going to rob them of hope.” That sample is so sick. Boom, the drop and that “OhhWoauh” Bass sound! Talk about what good can be done when you have some jump up influence. Then the break down is so simple but the atmosphere rocks. We used to love when Gancher & Ruin worked with Panacea, Receptor, Cooh, but man… I don’t want to hear that anymore. I want more Gancher & Ruin.

The title track “The Chase” rolls as well. “Hunt them down!” That sample in the low pitch tone gets me ready for the ride of a lifetime. Then the switch in the track makes me feel like I’m driving in the movie “Tron.” I’m weaving through glowing pixels at light speed full of rage as my bike goes from the neon blue to hot red ready to destroy my objective. This is “RACING!” We love this track. Sometimes as producers we focus on listening to the production quality but this track doesn’t give the time to do so! With that said, the quality of this track is fitting to Eatbrain who only puts out the best in Neurofunk music. We love it.


Gancher & Ruin (feat. Jade)

The Chase EP
Release Dates:
Beatport Release: 11.07.2016
Worldwide Release: 28.07.2016


More to come as we talk with Gancher & Ruin!


Have a Listen:

From the Label’s Press Release:

Shades of orange bathe the streets in the neon glow of night. Under the artificial dome of the city, light from the dense urban landscape wraps itself against the overwhelming facades of towering habitats and server blocks, intermingling at the edges of imperceptible alleyways shrouded in darkness only broken by the flickering nocturnal emblems of deep night haunts of sleaze and virtual hedonism. The twins are at home here, every edge of the city mapped in their hybrid cerebellum, connected exquisitely with inter-dimensional technology stolen from the most intimate grasp of the AI governing the sprawl. Shattering the silence of the night with the abrasive roar of refined combustion and the precisely engineered mechanisms of their vehicles, the streets fly beneath them – acting as one, every corner taken with nothing to spare, utterly in the present – surgeons of the moment. The drones giving chase have no chance, unable to compensate for the perfectly calculated errors of humanity, every recalibration coming too late – THE CHASE is relentless and swift … the immaculate pair vanish into the dense depths of the labyrinthine underworld with their haul of sonic artifacts.