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Behind Outer Edges : Episode 1

Noisia’s self made documentary!

Pretty cool! Check out the background behind Noisia and the Outer Edges tour. #noisia #division #vision #drumnbass

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iluvdrumandbass We all Love It!

iluvdrumandbass is the bee’s knees!

Whoa! So over the past few days, a wave of community has surged online. Several pioneers and drivers of the Drum & Bass sound got together and discussed the importance of reaching out on social media platforms. They are absolutely correct. All of the fans of Drum & Bass are certainly biased that the sound is amazing. However, one of the problems our sound has is the lack of viewership of the average listener. This has held us back and has kept our business from growing as big as other top level genres. Some factors have pushed us to the back of the room and seclude us from the rest of the club music seen. We simply don’t have a public “visual” look to show how professional our sound is. We have let our rebellious hard heads stay in the raver attire we grew up with. This, along with, drugs within “rave” culture (as portrayed by the media), has made all people steer clear of our scene and dub our sound “techno.” Which angers me btw! And now to the birth of iluvdrumandbass.

I’ve said this needed to be changed for ever ago. But to this day, it hasn’t, for everyone outside of England, anyway. But times are changing and the artists are using the limitless power of the world wide web to create a community where we de-segragate our sub genres and have one full playlist where all labels and artists will have the chance to be heard. Check out the latest from labels such as RAM, Hospital, Technique, Viper, Breakbeat Kaos, Formation & Playaz’s, Liquicity, EatbrainCritical, Santoku and more!

Check out Spotify’s newest Drum & Bass playlist I ❤ DRUM & BASS here.

I ❤ DRUM & BASS represents an unprecedented act of unity and a coming together of Drum & Bass labels from all over the world. An acknowledgement of the genre’s diversity and multifaceted strengths by creating a definitive musical resource, a constantly updated playlist from all the scenes label’s and artists.

Spanning all sub-genres and being inclusive of all participating labels and artists ranging from RAM, Hospital, Technique, Viper, Breakbeat Kaos, Formation & Playaz’s, Liquicity, Eatbrain, Exit and Critical.. and that’s just for starters!

The concept emerged in October 2017 on a special message board originally set up to celebrate Grooverider’s birthday, with DJ Fresh sparking a conversation about the importance of adapting to and embracing streaming platforms. This line of thinking inspired Simon Bassline Smith to come up with the concept of a definitive drum & bass playlist for everyone’s music to feature on as soon as it’s released. A playlist with all forms of drum & bass from across the globe, self-organised by the scene itself and curated by the labels, with each label picking 1 track per week to be included.

A project with no political or corporate agenda, that exists purely to provide a home for the sounds of this global movement. A place where fans of the genre can explore the diverse sonic landscape of the music they love, or for those who want to explore the genre to immediately have access to the full spectrum. Without the bias of major label ownership and curation.

Driven by the strength of the idea, soon a core following of Dan (DJ Fresh), Simon Bassline Smith, Mickey Finn, Grooverider, Brendan Futurebound and DJ SS excitedly invited label heads from all over the world into a telegram chat room and I ❤ Drum & Bass was born.

Hundreds of players and labels have come together and committed to the concept from across the scene to bring you a place where the latest music is added daily by all the labels and artists you love. Including long-running institutions, hype and fresh labels and also niche imprints. Even unsigned releases and Drum & Bass releases from outside the traditional Drum & Bass labels are represented.

I ❤ Drum & Bass represents an evolving attitude in one of the most consistent and present genres of club music, bringing a new unity and energy to the table that’s set to invigorate the genre and inspire the world of music.

We need your help to spread the word. So please get on Facebook / Twitter/ Instagram / Snapchat and help us spread the message #iluvdrumandbass

I ❤ Drum & Bass is at…



Drum & Bass Magazine TV Episode 4

On this Episode we talk about the latest and greatest in Drum & Bass. DNBMAG TV, hosted by Alex Diode aka Space Journey, was published recently with a focus on discussing Santoku Records, Absys Digital, Blackout NL, Mayan Audio, and much more!!!






Goodbye June Miller

It was amazing while it lasted.

As you may or may not know, June Miller of Ram Records just announced the end of their fantastic ride. The duo who hail from the United Kingdom have been behind some of Drum & Bass’s best releases on the infamous label. They sound design, style, and engineering have surpassed many. Oh my goodness, those snares! I have to say this duo’s mix downs are by far the punchiest and most creative the hard neurofunk scene has had to offer thus far. While there are amazing artists in the field. June Miller had their own sound that may not be recreated.

June Miller saw their first release on InnerActive Music in 2005. They then made headway in 2010 with releases on Vampire, Cyclon, Burried, and Horizons Music. Then in 2015 after a slew of releases on multiple labels, the act was featured on Ram Records’ Dimensions Five Various Artist release and from here on in they sky rocketed in engineering and technique. Later on they continued to release with various artists and their best track release was a collaboration with Teddy Killers known as “Outer Space.” Their latests

Everything has an end.

The duo recently posted on Facebook that they will no longer be working together as June Miller and have decided to end the act in its entirety. They gave a heartfelt message to all of us as fans and stated they will continue to play out through the end of the year but will not take any more bookings. With that said, it may be time to buy any remaining records so you can look back at the talent brought forth from one of the best Drum & Bass acts to tickle our ears.

Big ups to the duo from DNB Magazine!

From the artists:

All good things come to a end!

Over the past few months we have taken some time to positively look back at our time with June Miller, and in that thinking we have both decided that its time June Miller comes to an end.

Its wasn’t really an easy decision but we both optimistically feel this is the best time to pursue other opportunities and direction in our lives. As mentioned, the decision was a really tuff one but the over riding emotion is simply gratefulness. We feel extremely grateful and lucky to have been given such an amazing chance in life which fills us with gratitude towards everyone who supported us so much, mainly you all. Without your support buying records, coming to shows, and showing an incredibly positive love and energy for drum and bass, it would not have been possible for us to have called this our career for many years. So from the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank every single person who ever helped us in any form to realise one of our dreams.

We would also like to thank RAM Records and all our colleagues and friends in the industry for such an amazing continuos support. Its really one big family!

Moving on, we feel that its not right to be inactive writing music and still take shows. We have always believed that if an artist is not relevantly making/releasing music, they should step aside and let fresh talent shine. This is our philosophy and this is what we are doing.

We have gigs planned until the end of the year, so we will be taking bookings up until that time. So if you want to party with us one last time, keeping checking our FB for gig updates. If you want to book us one last time, then we would love to come and lay down a final set! For bookings you can enquire with [email protected] or

We have a few releases planned for the next few months including a single with our good friends James Marvel & Mota, Saus (VIP) with our buddy Mefjus and hopefully one or two more other surprises, but more updates on those soon!

Again, thank you for such an amazing journey. We’re forever grateful!
Mark & Bart’


Let it Roll Opening Ceremony #SoSick

Check out this MASSIVE introduction to Let It Roll 2016 Open Air. Such an Epic event.



Let It Roll 2016 : John B Live

Check out John B’s set at Let it Roll Open Air 2016.