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Bring Back the Mecha

Eatbrain releases the latest in their onslaught of sick Neurofunk. Drum & Bass magazine is always impressed with Eatbrain releases and this one is no different. The artwork is as always awesome with Trinyo Art representing his talents as one should. We at DNB Mag LOVE when he draws up mecha influenced artwork.

While this is a sampler and surely doesn’t promote the sickest of whats to come on the Mectropolis LP, this EP is definitely worth the buy. Our favorite track is surely “Speaker.” This is one of those few times where you can hear beauty in a grime filled track. It rolls smoother than the starts through our night sky. Great ambience, effects, and some familiar sounds in between. The rest of the album is dope for sure but this one sticks out.

From the EP description:

Eatbrain welcomes back MachineCode to their roster, a pair of pioneering producers (Current Value & Dean Rodell) who have torn a deeply unique path through the D&B sphere. With the sampler for the MECHTROPOLIS LP, MachineCode demonstrate a small slice of their powers of experimentation with the dnb form – delivering 4 hard-hitting and precisely engineered neurofunk tracks with TEST RUN, SUBMERGED (featuring Coppa), MANOUVER & SPEAKER. Demonstrating their commitment to forward-thinking electronic music, Eatbrain unveil the foundations for the architecture of an elaborately built sonic city, built by a pair of the finest musical machines alive.

Have a listen: