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Locked Concept Presents MachineCode

The label from down under just got deeper with MachineCode

Locked Concept of Australia is releasing their 8th piece of music. The release is titled ‘Doublegate’ featuring the awesome duo MachineCode. One of the label owners/curaters is Lockjaw who you may know from Noisia’s Invisible Recordings. He’s worked with Machine Code on this release and they have done an amazing job. This label puts forth what they consider “listening” music. With that said, this release is not only for that sweet ride on the train… This 3 track EP is a masterpiece of synthesis and atmospheres that bring you back to the depths of an inner reality. They have just posted the track ‘Phenotype’ written with one half of MachineCode, artist DR aka Dean Rodell. I almost said this was the best of the trip but i just finished listening to “Array” by Lockjaw and MachineCode… This is art in music… I can’t say anymore. I’m here typing this, listening to the song for a 7th consecutive time and i can’t express in words how supreme this song is. While the title track is the dance floor player, ‘Array’ has taken me away to another state of being.

Amazing music you must buy! Coming soon!

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Neodigital Drops Some Craziness

Eurofunk Volume 1 is out now and it rocks!

We are so excited to receive this one from Infectious PR. The technoid-funk-heads at Neodigital bring you some straight techno influenced music. I have been waiting for this EP for sometime now. Since Neodigital dropped the Current Value – Approximation clip on their soundcloud, we were left on a cliff hanger dangling from our forefinger, breathing heavy, looking down below at the jagged rocks. As the finger lets go we are swept up by a giant robotic dragon! Its breathing fire and spewing it through its exhausts as we dive into a wormhole. Listening through this EP brings you to a “Tron” like universe, pixelated and out of control. The grid is folding upon us and there is no escape!

Man this EP is crazy. Phace, Signs, Stoner, Hybris, Current Value all on one EP. Is it Christmas already!?

If you have not picked this thing up yet, you must. Its without a doubt one of the craziest EPs this year. Our favorite tune of the EP is Signs – “Black Mirror.” Definitely not the “hypest” track on the EP but that triplet singing pitched dropped sample is so dope! Listen and buy now!

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MachineCode LP #DNBMAGApproved

mclogoMachineCode comes through.

We were blessed once again with a promo. Shout out to Eatbrain, Terminal, and for the hook up. I have been waiting for this LP for sometime. The Mechtropolis Sampler definitely has one of my favorite tracks to date, Speaker. The MachineCode duo consists of Dean Rodell & Current Value. This tag team has put forth consistent quality Drum & Bass since there conception. The LP Sampler released earlier this year was certainly a taste of what was to come. Read that review here.
Now, in our review we touched on the feeling we were left with when listening to the release. The feeling of needing more. Ever feel like your meal was great but the food was not enough? Kind of like Kentucky Fried Chicken. Tastes great but not filling. We were left loving “Speaker” from that release but wanting more.

Did we get what we wanted?

The LP drops 9/5/2016. We had a chance to listen to this album and did so 4 times in a row. We wanted to give this one a fair shot and we’ll tell you why. There are some situations that require a second chance. We all love new technology! We’re always waiting for the latest smartphone, the next ribbon tweeter, or the newest midi controller. When we get a hint of whats to come we paint an image in our heads of how awesome its going to be. Then the newest iPhone drops and you look at it and its just like the one you just bought. We almost felt the Mechtropolis LP was the same at first listen…

And then I realized, I’m on laptop speakers, my kids, TV was going, the fan was on, and I’m cleaning my room looking like Aunt Jemima. What the [expletive] am I doing?! I laughed and I headed to my studio to give proper attention to what I found to be an amazing LP. Had to give a proper listen on my Adams.

MachineCode - Mechtropis LP
MachineCode – Mechtropis LP

The Delivery

MC Coppa
MC Coppa

I sat through the album another 3 times as I cleaned up the studio. Boy, some of these tracks were so sick. The album starts off with “Imagine” featuring the famed MC Coppa. This one features some great effects, high pitched vocals, and kind of reminds me of Karl K, Kaos, and Jae Kennedy and some other releases from circa 2005. Great intro track to kick off this LP.

They I was brought in to the world of Mechtropolis. A neo-dystopian society run by machines. Somewhat reminded me of Aeon Flux or The Animatrix Renaissance Part 1. The intro lets you in with great atmosphere and pads. Then the that Eatbrain style synth and the AWESOME vocal sample. “There once was a species called Human Being.” This took me in and then the drop was so deep. Now, this is not your romper stomper of a track that meant to make the dance floor jump up and down blowing whistles. This is a mind track. The synths and the effects that continously grow in the tracking wrapped in tight drum hits and a whisper by a sweep white noise / ride effect just keep it all going deep.

We dig it for sure but our “Ooooh” Moment was when we listened to “Skaro”. This is by far the best track on the release. Every track on this album was crafted with precision and we will certainly rep this album as a featured release on DNB Mag.

Have a listen below. Link to the sites to buy the release when it drops!

Neurofunk Reviews

Bring Back the Mecha

Eatbrain releases the latest in their onslaught of sick Neurofunk. Drum & Bass magazine is always impressed with Eatbrain releases and this one is no different. The artwork is as always awesome with Trinyo Art representing his talents as one should. We at DNB Mag LOVE when he draws up mecha influenced artwork.

While this is a sampler and surely doesn’t promote the sickest of whats to come on the Mectropolis LP, this EP is definitely worth the buy. Our favorite track is surely “Speaker.” This is one of those few times where you can hear beauty in a grime filled track. It rolls smoother than the starts through our night sky. Great ambience, effects, and some familiar sounds in between. The rest of the album is dope for sure but this one sticks out.

From the EP description:

Eatbrain welcomes back MachineCode to their roster, a pair of pioneering producers (Current Value & Dean Rodell) who have torn a deeply unique path through the D&B sphere. With the sampler for the MECHTROPOLIS LP, MachineCode demonstrate a small slice of their powers of experimentation with the dnb form – delivering 4 hard-hitting and precisely engineered neurofunk tracks with TEST RUN, SUBMERGED (featuring Coppa), MANOUVER & SPEAKER. Demonstrating their commitment to forward-thinking electronic music, Eatbrain unveil the foundations for the architecture of an elaborately built sonic city, built by a pair of the finest musical machines alive.

Have a listen: