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Misanthrop’s Self Titled LP Delivers!

Neosignal and Misanthrop strike again!

We are certainly proud of Misanthrop releasing his self titled album on one of my favorite labels, Neosignal. Neosignal has released amazing music and it keeps getting better. We are certainly impressed with the recent album. The album has some crazy sick dance floor tear out, minimal funk, white noise music great for an anime movie’s ambience with “The Funk.”

Our Favorite from this release however is “Infinite Hysteria.” Oh my god, what an “epicly” amazing track. The pitch drop off key synth is grand and the track name certainly fits the intensity inside the drop. Check out the album below!

Featured Releases Neurofunk Techstep

Neodigital Drops Some Craziness

Eurofunk Volume 1 is out now and it rocks!

We are so excited to receive this one from Infectious PR. The technoid-funk-heads at Neodigital bring you some straight techno influenced music. I have been waiting for this EP for sometime now. Since Neodigital dropped the Current Value – Approximation clip on their soundcloud, we were left on a cliff hanger dangling from our forefinger, breathing heavy, looking down below at the jagged rocks. As the finger lets go we are swept up by a giant robotic dragon! Its breathing fire and spewing it through its exhausts as we dive into a wormhole. Listening through this EP brings you to a “Tron” like universe, pixelated and out of control. The grid is folding upon us and there is no escape!

Man this EP is crazy. Phace, Signs, Stoner, Hybris, Current Value all on one EP. Is it Christmas already!?

If you have not picked this thing up yet, you must. Its without a doubt one of the craziest EPs this year. Our favorite tune of the EP is Signs – “Black Mirror.” Definitely not the “hypest” track on the EP but that triplet singing pitched dropped sample is so dope! Listen and buy now!