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Blackout Music’s Intergalactic Soldier Drops It Hard

Current Value – Starfleet EP is simply amazing

Current Value (CV) has been in the scene for some time. Since his transition to neurofunk in the recent years, he’s produced amazing music. CV’s Starfleet EP on Blackout Music is no different. Hailing from the depths of our solar voyage, CV cuts through with sick Neurofunk. The title track that may be considered one of his best to date. We had a chance to listen to the full EP in the last few days. I gave it the proper studio listen, cheap speaker listen, and the famed car ride listen. Gotta love my Acura. *smiles*

Starfleet EP is a selection of music that can fit to any set. They are all so good! You can play out the whole EP and not get bored. Starfleet is the title track and it’s like i put on an Iron Man suit and dove into a black hole into the depths of your mind!

It starts with CV’s famed FM drums layered with some real samples, but they’re so tight! The kick and the snare cut through the mix very well and atmosphere through the introduction is sweet. The high pitch synth pad sounds like a filtered square wave… and thats it! No unison, chorus, or anything to make it sound too rave pad like, if you get what I mean. Maybe there’s some reverb and minor things going on but it’s simple yet effective. The break down is erie and the white noise build up brings you to the drop and BOOM! You’re smacked with a sick crunchy bass line, deep subs, and fat drums! Count Dracula bass face for days! The track keeps your intrigued in the switches and is certainly well mixed. Then the second drop surprises you with a change and keeps the track so hectic! I love it!

Current Value is the man and Blackout Music certainly has the ear for choosing amazing Drum & Bass!

SICK! Listen here:

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Current Value Rethink EP

Current Value and the team come from the Othercide

We have been fans of Current Value for something. Every release comes through correct and original. His style is by far one of the most unique while maintaining energy, craft, and the engineering is just on point. Tim (Current Value) is certainly a machine in human disguise. He churns out tunes like McDonald’s churns out hamburgers. Except his tunes are far tastier and healthy for the Drum & Bass soul. Heavy bass, crunchy beats is what current value and this EP “Rethink” is no different or is it..


This artist was known in the past for heavy drums, sick bass, and you know what? Nothing has changed but the sub-genre is now Neurofunk. We are certainly welcoming it! With projects like MachineCode and releases on Critical, Blackout, & Eatbrain, CV is a true musician who’s found his calling in Drum & Bass. Othercide Records was on the same page and they took on an amazing rendition of music with great remixes to boot.


Is Rethink one of the best of 2016? YES!

This release allows you to literally take a step back and re-analyze what Drum & Bass is, was and will be. This artist is truly brings you back with some awesome pads, atmospheres, synths, to the days of circa 2004 but gives you these gut wrenching baselines. The sounds this man creates can be considered circa 2030. Some of the bass sounds make me think of movies like Space Odyssey or Tron and the kind of music those movies should’ve had.

This Rethink release has interesting points to be touched on. First is the track “The Deep” which can bring you back to older Current Value music from labels like as Position Chrome and Section 8. I was interested to hear this experimental sound and the touching back on those metallic drums I was always waiting to hear. The atmosphere given my this track is erie to say the least but at the same time you feel like you’re on a floating pixelated cloud that continuously glitches and changes with every effect going on. It’s an interesting take compared to the slammers on this release.

CV and his Amazing Friends!

Current Value and Othercide bring in their friends. Billain who is well known for extremely fast beats, crazy bass, and
immense sound design remixes the title track “Rethink.” Now, I must say it can’t touch the title track but Billain does the tune justice! This is one of the few tracks Billain has written where you and hear some emotion in the tune. Billain is known to put forth Robot Drum & Bass and the synths in this one are a bit different. It’s still a “Billain” track, though! Fast, Hard, Snappy, and the switch up and effects used throughout are so awesome! Next are the Signs remix of Serum X and Dean Rodell’s remix of Capsule. Both were done extremely well!

CV rocks it the hardest however with the title track. “Rethink” is that tear out Drum & Bass we all love to crank out to on the dance floor. We won’t talk much about it. This track speaks for itself! Don’t take our word for it. Listen. Then pre-order!



Featured Releases Neurofunk Techstep

Neodigital Drops Some Craziness

Eurofunk Volume 1 is out now and it rocks!

We are so excited to receive this one from Infectious PR. The technoid-funk-heads at Neodigital bring you some straight techno influenced music. I have been waiting for this EP for sometime now. Since Neodigital dropped the Current Value – Approximation clip on their soundcloud, we were left on a cliff hanger dangling from our forefinger, breathing heavy, looking down below at the jagged rocks. As the finger lets go we are swept up by a giant robotic dragon! Its breathing fire and spewing it through its exhausts as we dive into a wormhole. Listening through this EP brings you to a “Tron” like universe, pixelated and out of control. The grid is folding upon us and there is no escape!

Man this EP is crazy. Phace, Signs, Stoner, Hybris, Current Value all on one EP. Is it Christmas already!?

If you have not picked this thing up yet, you must. Its without a doubt one of the craziest EPs this year. Our favorite tune of the EP is Signs – “Black Mirror.” Definitely not the “hypest” track on the EP but that triplet singing pitched dropped sample is so dope! Listen and buy now!

Neurofunk Reviews Techstep

Current Value comes again!

Current Value is surely a force to recon with.

As we know, Current Value’s Drum & Bass is unlike any other. His tracks truly stand out in their creativity and surely in the production value. His tracks contain some of the nicest pads and then in to some gritty bass lines. Our favorite part of his production is the drums. Tim (Current Value) is one of the few who can distort their drums but keep them sounding clean & punchy. We are true fans of the Current Value sound.

Our friends at Terminal who are the collective label of Bad Taste, Meth Lab, and Eatrbain release the “Partition” EP this Friday 7/11/2016 on Beatport. Current Value surely is a pioneer in Drum & Bass and Terminal made a great selection for this EP. This EP brings it all. From grime through to some sick distorted synths. We must say this EP is great.

Keeping it Balanced:

“Balanced Armature” is our favorite track on the “Partition” EP. This track starts of with some simple tight drums with a great atmospheric pad in the background and then it grows to add some rides and hats that are so fitting to the track and Current Value style. What gets us is the synths. OMG The synths! We love that retro rave style glitching stab. When the track drops it brings you in so deep. Deep into concentration, deep into the mental vortex spun from the womb of a galactic spider threading together our very existence. The distortion on the bass is so nice, it keeps the bass deep. The second drop is where its at! Its simple and adds some filters sweeps of the main synth… You must hear this song! While its not your typical dance floor banger, it truly does justice to the term “neuro.”


Have a listen to the full EP below and don’t hesitate to buy this EP.