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DNB Magazine TV : EPISODE 2

DNBMAG TV : Episode 2 : Drum & Bass Reviews

Thank you for tuning in to DNBMAG TV Episode 2 brought to you by DNB Magazine! On today’s episode we talk about releases from Bad Taste Recordings, Othercide Records, A R Records, and a free download from Spectrasoul.

Billain – Batbots / Manifold The Remix EP

Bad Taste Recordings brings it again with a mammoth of a extended play release. Billain, a Bosnian drum & bass producer, released the original Batbots and Manifold with Bad Taste on their various artist LP “Black Box Two” in 2013. 4 Years later, the label commissioned some of the best Neurofunk producers to remix the two tracks. Pyhthis (Blackout) and Mindscape (Eatbrain) remixed Batbots. Neonlight (Blackout) and Malux (Bad Taste) took over Manifold. I was so impressed with each of the tracks I honestly cannot say one is better than the other. They are all different but all set smashers. Have a listen to the Malux Remix of Manifold as played on Inspector Dubplate.


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All American Drum & Bass

Flex Records brings you the Altered States LP


L Double’s Flex Records brings it big this time with releasing a fantastic release of immense proportions. The label that hails from UK got a group of artists and signed some of their best tracks for an good ol’ All American party! We were excited to hear about this from its conception. This gave an opportunity for these artist to mingle and grow as producers. It also shows what is to come in the future of American Drum & Bass. The land of the free and the home of the bass!

Lets be real here. I’m biased and I think my tracks on the LP are the best. HA! But in all honesty I had to choose my top 5 from the plethora of talent that comes through this EP.



#1 is the intro track Glitch & Pish Posh “Before Adam.” This is what neurofunk is all about. The track brings you back to the days of Kemal, Rob Data, etc. The erie atmospheres, stabbing filtered synths, tight bass stabs and smooth neuro drums hit so well on a big system.

Space Journey

#2 is Space Journey’s “Arcturi.” While I wish the track was a little meatier in the midrange the drop wobble is so sick! The switch
is so much better! That switch hits super fast with the synth stabs flying you through the maze of bass! Great track if I do say so myself. And… I am. *wink*

#3 is Pish Posh “Programmed to Ignite.” This track was certainly programmed for something. That neck breaking grunge facing neuro crunker standing in the middle of the dance floor not giving 2 f*%ks about anyone else. Deep into the beat and the bass line.


#4 is from the one we know as Liminal and his track “Frozen.” The offbeat amen style drums, the baseline, and that smooth vocal┬átakes this track home. Gotta love this liquid sound here. Fantastic mix down and just an over all feel good track.

#5 and certainly not least is The Burner Brothers & Liminal with this AMAZING track called “Good Life.” This track speaks for itself… You need to get in if you haven’t yet.



A major shout out to all Artists involved. Pish Posh , The Burner Brothers , Space Journey , Liminal & Bengal ,NoizeKomplaint , Mixed Media & iIl Omen, HammerZz & Glitch.

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Santoku cutting through the scene with the nastiness!

Space-Journey-Head-Shot-RightOne of USA’s most respectable labels run by Ram Records artist, Logam, just released an EP by Space Journey on the Santoku Records imprint. Space Journey has been on a roll this year releasing with labels such as Warfare, Schedule One, Close 2 Death, and Abducted LTD reaching top 100 and dj charts around. This EP however should bring the artist further into the Drum & Bass seen. Santoku is known for putting out quality Drum & Bass such as artists Gridlok, Mayhem, Trei, Eatbrain’s Jade, Aggressor Bunx, and more.

Aeon is a perfect realisation of this – a slowly building tune which expands at the drop, firing lazers into the future with a combination of pulsating drums and eerie, echoing synths. The bass is bad, bad, bad, deep, dark and heavy. The track moves through, highlighting the single-minded approach that Space Journey takes, ramping back up at the end for a killer finish. Likewise the title cut, which explodes into life quickly, echoing the march of some supersonic race of robots. Here, the low end crunches into your speakers, burning a hole in your set before you even realise. Bounce and break along to the beats, you won’t be disappointed as your mind and soul get Disassembled.

Jump on the Motorcycle for the third track, a rapid trip into the future which incorporates elements of electro along with the nasty sounding neurofunk. Plenty of pace and acceleration mark this one out, as it rides along on a highway of vicious synth stabs and understated beats. Closing things out is The Lost, a fitting culmination to the EP. Voyage through realms of artificial intelligence, with military beats, echoing basslines and a sharp, coruscating atmosphere. Space Journey is clearly a name to watch despite being relatively new, and the Disassemble EP is the start of something very big.



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