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Watch out Neurofunkers! Dorian and Skore hit it!

Dorian & Skore keep it clean and tight

Whoa! Dorian continues to blow us away. This Austrian badman grows with every track he puts out. This time he joins forces with fellow countryman, Skore and their track Powertool is the A-sides of all A-sides. Move over Phace, someones listened and made it better. Dorian & Skore’s track Powertool is similar to a couple of Phace tracks without being too house/techno influenced. Maybe its the vocal, but this track stands out. I’ve head the opportunity to listen to this on different systems and must say this one is well done. The power moves through any speaker and into your legs. This thing pumps you up. Fantastic music! Listen here:

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Retro racing music!

Cyantific is not to be messed with!

We all enjoy the Viper Recordings sound. It’s a house hold name for avid Drum & Bass enthusiasts world wide. Their selection of dance floor music hold my admiration today as it did whilst growing up in DNB. Viper never seizes to amaze me with their selection and with that said, the truth is, the artists they put forth are some of the best in the world. Cyantific is no different while being SUPER Different! This man is a monster in the studio and continously puts out top notch Drum & Bass. His dance floor tracks always seem to hit him and this next one hits ever so sweet. “Fade into the Night” is a bowl of beauty in the sounds the artist has melded together. Check out the latest from Cyantific!

Dancefloor Smashers Featured Releases Neurofunk Techstep

Mayan Audio Goes to Let It Roll

Barbarix comes hard on this release!

Barbarix comes correct with this Mayan Audio release. His track “Severed” on the label’s “Goes to Let It Roll” EP is a smash hit. This track is Mortal Kombat meets Tron on an epic adventure to the core of this volatile earth! The track intros with an atmospheric erie build up featuring epic toms building up the halftime drum drop. Then the stab comes. Its such a simple rave stab similar to something we have heard over and over again, but with the bass line and the hyper drums, this drop becomes one of the staple sounds you will hear at this years Let It Roll festival. Massive respect to Barbarix and Mayan Audio. Check out the track here:


Featured Releases Neurofunk Techstep

Akrom keeps on smashing em out!

Akrom releases with Red Light

Akrom is on of Italy’s best talents to date. This producer stays so true in putting forth what DNB Magazine hails as true Neurofunk. The tight drums, filtered bass, stabbing synths, and overall movement in his tracks are cerebral. Optiv’s Red Light Records couldn’t go without bring your his latest release “Undermined / Life Cycle.” With “Life Cycle” Akron teams up with Disphonia and Impak. They introduce you to the track with an LP atmosphere and an an odd broken piano melody and raise your intrigue with epic stings and percussion ready to have you soar over ancient egypt and then the drop hits with some of the best neuro you can hear. The title track “Undermined” is no different in the amount of energy it brings. The synths that hit at the switch are so dope. Akrom certainly knows how to bring forth the best of neurofunk.

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Magnetude is here! Run for your Lives!

Lifted brings you Magnetude and we are blown away!

Lifted Music, most known to release famed Drum & Bass producer Spor (Feed Me), have signed on a new duo that will be the labels best prospect to date. Magnetude is a colaboration between Rusty K and Overtech. Their first EP Hyperdrive was wicked but this one is AMAZING! From the imagery the artists put forth to this amazing sound quality, Magnetude are now a monstrous forth to be reckoned with.

The release

Their recent release “Dead Leaves” featuring Julia Marks is an epic sound. The introduction has a hint that it could be in a Tim Burton movie. Something so dark and erie with a sense of calm within the dark is sure to be in a thriller of sorts or even in the scene when Peg enters the dark home of Edward Scissorhands in Burton’s 1990 classic.  The piano, stings, and then a hectic drop all smash but the hip-hop switch up in the middle of the breakdown is so sick! Someone needs to bootleg this part… Then the second drop is where its at! But wait….

“Now Run” is the Floyd Mayweather of this release! This release does not get old. I must have heard it one hundred times over! The intro features some atmosphere with a have time break. But the vocal is so dope. It sounds like a vocoded version of the movie Purge and how she announces the annual Purge. “We are now going to test your strength.” “Please be advised, there is no way back…” “Now…. Run!” OH MY GOD!!! What an absolute smasher of a drop. The bass like and the high pitched triplet of a synth is a blast from the future. I can’t say enough about this release. This is one you MUST add to you arsenal. Especially if your a gym rat! Get those blue tooth headphones on and get ready to bench press more than ever before!


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Featured Releases Neurofunk

Bad Taste presents Molecular Music II 

Impressive eclectic music from the team at Bad Taste Tecordings

So I’ve spent the last hour listening to music as I get back on track from a few weeks hiatus. I opened up the email and a plethora of great music spewed out into my brain. One release of which stuck out the most. Bad Taste has the second edition of Molecular Music featuring a multitude of great neurofunk artists. On this release you get music from Redpill, Art1fact, Cod3x, Mean Teeth, Khronos, Encode,Valrus, Hyqxyz, Black Barrel, Mars, and the well known Machine Code. 

All tracks on this release are certainly worthy of a mix set, workout music, drive themes, but one of them stands out to me the most.  

Mars “I Never Stopped Fighting”

This is a fantastic piece of neurofunk! The intro is a simple set of beauteous atmospheres, synths, and them tight staple neurofunk drums. The break down keeps you intrigued to what’s to come. The sample from Matt Damon’s movie The Martian sits so well in this! I fell asleep during the movie but I certainly couldn’t fall asleep through this track. I’d dance through my bed sheets all night if this thing was on loop. The drop has a hint of older Spor music with a certain Bad Taste twist. Great piece of work! 

Check out the release at Bad Taste Recordings! 

Featured Releases Neurofunk

Filip Motovunski has made it…

Right Here on Bad Taste Recordings

Filip Motovunski delivered Cro Cop Kick of a track. This Croatian Drum & Bass / Jungle dj and producer has been picked up by the infamous Bad Taste Recordings. We are impressed with the sound. Filip delivers a different style of Drum & Bass and his simple approach is surely effective. “Right Here” has some beautiful pads and epic vox. Then he brings in a 7th chord synth and a bouncy drum drop. This is a fun track and with quality that compares to the upper echelon of Drum & Bass producers. Is this a dance floor effective track? In the right circumstance, hell yes. I love the mix down of this track especially. Its all crisp and clean and completely in control. The Lava VIP is the one that hits hard to me though. This is NEURO at its finest. “Every little thing gets burned by Lava.” Check out the music video for this sick track!


Dancefloor Smashers Featured Releases Neurofunk Techstep

Body & Soul Featuring MC Daxta – Connect

Body & Soul enter the Mainframe

Body & Soul have been around for years now and they still figure out ways to amaze us. Their versatile style is well known amongst true Drum & Bass fans throughout the years. They’ve had a amazing run on Mainframe Recordings. Their most recent release to mind is Hypochonda with Ansa. This was a A side Trap release with the B-sdie being the Drum & Bass remix of the release and after this absolute smasher, Body & Soul come correct with a dope track “Connect” with MC Daxta on Mainframe.

The tile track intro’s with a funny pad and then Mc Daxta’s smooth vox come through as “We Start to Connect” with sick brass pads and boom!!! A sick hype drop ready for any dance floor worldwide! The mix of the bass did sound odd on cheap speakers but when I played in the studio on loud speakers I was blown away! Great sound from the duo. And then the remix…

So I’ll say I don’t particularly like remixes some out with the original because usually a remix in the same genre should overshadow the original… With that said, I feel this is what happens on this release… OMG. Phentix, Austrian Drum & Bass Producer, surely does a bang up job on this remix. It kind of sounds like Mob Tactics’ hit “Lifer” but has such a dope neck breaking drop. Intro pads, stabs, and 80’s style synths all do a bang up job. Phentix shines through on this neck breaker of a track…

Massive shout out to the label. Mainframe Recordings FTW.

Visit the label directly:

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Fragz promizes to deliver!

He does with his “Promises and Lies” EP on Redlight Records

Fragz is certainly a stand out producer who has been known to make some of the hardest pre-hardcore style of Drum & Bass. Fragz, has set aside the techno influenced pots and pans in the cupboard. He’s now cooking with future space utensils. The Portugal native has signed onto UK’s Red Light Records with his “Promises & Lies” EP. The EP features artists Impak, Disphonia, and the title track features MC Kryptomedic. The title track is where its at! The crunchy baseline and epic synths and pads take your deep. This is a neck breaker for sure and you MUST BUY! The tracks are out sooner than you think. Watch this space!



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Blackout Music’s Intergalactic Soldier Drops It Hard

Current Value – Starfleet EP is simply amazing

Current Value (CV) has been in the scene for some time. Since his transition to neurofunk in the recent years, he’s produced amazing music. CV’s Starfleet EP on Blackout Music is no different. Hailing from the depths of our solar voyage, CV cuts through with sick Neurofunk. The title track that may be considered one of his best to date. We had a chance to listen to the full EP in the last few days. I gave it the proper studio listen, cheap speaker listen, and the famed car ride listen. Gotta love my Acura. *smiles*

Starfleet EP is a selection of music that can fit to any set. They are all so good! You can play out the whole EP and not get bored. Starfleet is the title track and it’s like i put on an Iron Man suit and dove into a black hole into the depths of your mind!

It starts with CV’s famed FM drums layered with some real samples, but they’re so tight! The kick and the snare cut through the mix very well and atmosphere through the introduction is sweet. The high pitch synth pad sounds like a filtered square wave… and thats it! No unison, chorus, or anything to make it sound too rave pad like, if you get what I mean. Maybe there’s some reverb and minor things going on but it’s simple yet effective. The break down is erie and the white noise build up brings you to the drop and BOOM! You’re smacked with a sick crunchy bass line, deep subs, and fat drums! Count Dracula bass face for days! The track keeps your intrigued in the switches and is certainly well mixed. Then the second drop surprises you with a change and keeps the track so hectic! I love it!

Current Value is the man and Blackout Music certainly has the ear for choosing amazing Drum & Bass!

SICK! Listen here: