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Mayan Audio Goes to Let It Roll

Barbarix comes hard on this release!

Barbarix comes correct with this Mayan Audio release. His track “Severed” on the label’s “Goes to Let It Roll” EP is a smash hit. This track is Mortal Kombat meets Tron on an epic adventure to the core of this volatile earth! The track intros with an atmospheric erie build up featuring epic toms building up the halftime drum drop. Then the stab comes. Its such a simple rave stab similar to something we have heard over and over again, but with the bass line and the hyper drums, this drop becomes one of the staple sounds you will hear at this years Let It Roll festival. Massive respect to Barbarix and Mayan Audio. Check out the track here:


Featured Releases Neurofunk Techstep

Akrom keeps on smashing em out!

Akrom releases with Red Light

Akrom is on of Italy’s best talents to date. This producer stays so true in putting forth what DNB Magazine hails as true Neurofunk. The tight drums, filtered bass, stabbing synths, and overall movement in his tracks are cerebral. Optiv’s Red Light Records couldn’t go without bring your his latest release “Undermined / Life Cycle.” With “Life Cycle” Akron teams up with Disphonia and Impak. They introduce you to the track with an LP atmosphere and an an odd broken piano melody and raise your intrigue with epic stings and percussion ready to have you soar over ancient egypt and then the drop hits with some of the best neuro you can hear. The title track “Undermined” is no different in the amount of energy it brings. The synths that hit at the switch are so dope. Akrom certainly knows how to bring forth the best of neurofunk.

Neurofunk Techstep

Mainframe Get’s It! Do you?

Mainframe Recordings brings you Phentix & DubApe

Mainframe Recordings’ name may not be as house hold as it should be but they are a massive outlet for amazing Drum & Bass. Their latest release dropped with a couple of smashers. DubApe & Phentix team up to create “Get it” and “Silk Road” and that A-side is AMAZING! Have a listen here:


Neurofunk Techstep

Neonlight returns!

Neon light brings you their super weird tracks “Boom” and “Slap”. We are certainly impressed with the ever growing style of this duo. The tracks however are odd. “Slap” is our favorite of the two and will certainly smash any club. “Boom” is a bit too odd for DNB Magazine’s taste but even still.. is nasty.

“Slap” has an amazing switch in the glitch hop drop. Reminiscent of Ivy Lab and Mefjus, Sunday Crunk with a little less “Funk”

Neurofunk Techstep

Fa11out & Vegas get Dark on Bad Taste

Bad Taste Recordings brings you Fa11out with Vegas

Wow. I must say this one is different but nasty! Time and time again, Bad Taste Recordings come through with music that consistently shows change what we call Drum & Bass. This one from the label has certainly proven that you don’t need super fat drums to make a slammer of a tune. Fa11out is another Bosnian drum & bass act that is hailing well in the drum & bass scene. The duo are promoters in their local scene and have hitched up with Bad Company UK veteran, Vegas to come up with this slamming track.

Check out the track below if you haven’t yet already.

Dancefloor Smashers Featured Releases Neurofunk Techstep

Body & Soul Featuring MC Daxta – Connect

Body & Soul enter the Mainframe

Body & Soul have been around for years now and they still figure out ways to amaze us. Their versatile style is well known amongst true Drum & Bass fans throughout the years. They’ve had a amazing run on Mainframe Recordings. Their most recent release to mind is Hypochonda with Ansa. This was a A side Trap release with the B-sdie being the Drum & Bass remix of the release and after this absolute smasher, Body & Soul come correct with a dope track “Connect” with MC Daxta on Mainframe.

The tile track intro’s with a funny pad and then Mc Daxta’s smooth vox come through as “We Start to Connect” with sick brass pads and boom!!! A sick hype drop ready for any dance floor worldwide! The mix of the bass did sound odd on cheap speakers but when I played in the studio on loud speakers I was blown away! Great sound from the duo. And then the remix…

So I’ll say I don’t particularly like remixes some out with the original because usually a remix in the same genre should overshadow the original… With that said, I feel this is what happens on this release… OMG. Phentix, Austrian Drum & Bass Producer, surely does a bang up job on this remix. It kind of sounds like Mob Tactics’ hit “Lifer” but has such a dope neck breaking drop. Intro pads, stabs, and 80’s style synths all do a bang up job. Phentix shines through on this neck breaker of a track…

Massive shout out to the label. Mainframe Recordings FTW.

Visit the label directly:

Featured Releases Neurofunk Techstep

Locked Concept Presents MachineCode

The label from down under just got deeper with MachineCode

Locked Concept of Australia is releasing their 8th piece of music. The release is titled ‘Doublegate’ featuring the awesome duo MachineCode. One of the label owners/curaters is Lockjaw who you may know from Noisia’s Invisible Recordings. He’s worked with Machine Code on this release and they have done an amazing job. This label puts forth what they consider “listening” music. With that said, this release is not only for that sweet ride on the train… This 3 track EP is a masterpiece of synthesis and atmospheres that bring you back to the depths of an inner reality. They have just posted the track ‘Phenotype’ written with one half of MachineCode, artist DR aka Dean Rodell. I almost said this was the best of the trip but i just finished listening to “Array” by Lockjaw and MachineCode… This is art in music… I can’t say anymore. I’m here typing this, listening to the song for a 7th consecutive time and i can’t express in words how supreme this song is. While the title track is the dance floor player, ‘Array’ has taken me away to another state of being.

Amazing music you must buy! Coming soon!

Featured Releases Neurofunk Techstep

L33 gets Chopped Up: Karate LP Remixes

Eatbrain Presents L33’s Karate LP Blackbelt Edition

So we have just been hit up with an advanced copy of L33’s Karate LP‘s Blackbelt Edition coming soon on Eatbrain. This is one 2017 has been waiting for! The release is a 5 track EP featuring remixes by Neonlight, Joe Ford, Prolix, Synergy, and a VIP by the original album artist, L33. Eat brain’s curators have chosen a solid team to remix these tracks and each one shares its own flavor of gnarly bass and clean mixes. One does stand apart from the rest to us.

I’ve had a few days to thoroughly listen to the album. I’ve been back and forth trying to figure out my favorite track and have come to a conlclusion. I have chose the track that on first listen made me go “Oooooh!!!!” Thats the Joe Ford Remix of “Drop it Down Low.” Joe Ford was first introduced to my ears under the Breed 12 Inches imprint which was a spin off of the famous Lifted Music record label. He’s consistently put out great music and leaves us wanting more because he doesn’t put out an abundance of tracks for us to be amazed. Kind of like having top shelf whiskey in that you can’t bank on getting too much knowing your pockets will get empty. Joe Ford does stay relevant and his take on the remix is amazing!

The track initially starts with the “Drop it down for me” sample and enters some nice simple atmosphere with a trance style saw tooth synth. During the build you hear the ever ear trembling rumble of drums, reece synth melody, more synths, drums building, and “I’ll make the club bounce!” The drop hits with a head banging drum line and a sick comb-ish type of reece bass that sounds both “wet” and grimy at the same time. Then into the second drop you are introduced to an epic amen style beat with the same bass. So SICK!

Seriously! Have a listen to the album below:

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Get Naughty with AudioPorn Remixes

A Remix LP with some bangers!

We’ve just received a new promo from AudioPorn! Get naughty with these sick remixes from Jayline, Rushmore, Serum, and Shimon!

From the release:

Benny L: Appleroids Remixed

Following his recent collaboration with historical figure Shimon and a standalone EP which further solidified his place within the drum & bass genre, Benny L returns to the Audioporn imprint in the form of a remix package. Featuring some of the most exciting names to come forward in recent months, opening the door to fresh talent with names such as Rushmore taking centre stage it also provides music from more renowned artists, including Shimon, Jayline and Serum. ‘Appleroids Remixed’ caters to both the new school and old school in a four-track package, presenting a diverse range of talents.

With over ten years of experience in the game, Serum brings his vintage mix of jungle and jump up to the forefront for his rework. After a series of releases on the biggest brands in the underground, he brings his experience to ‘Bullfighter’ like only an artist of his calibre really could. Moving forward on stocky drums and a pumping bassline, Serum adds his spiking edge throughout the mix. Jayline changes the direction into choppier waters for ‘Appleroid’, following with a chaotic crossover of tightly cracking percussion, overlaid with pounding sub bass and a half time, carefully paced intro. Jayline produces a bouncy, warbling call to arms, with a stadium-lead hook which lowers you into its chaos. The producer doesn’t disappoint, providing a forceful reimaging.

Shimon then takes the lead, demonstrating why he’s become such a revered icon within the scene. ‘On The Job’ is powerful in its delivery, leaving you quivering with every stab of bass that filters through the composition. Each layer hits you like a freight train, producing an impact that will leave subs shattering. Shimon powers up break after break, ensuring that you’re left blown away at the standard flexed throughout this remix. Finishing the EP is newcomer Rushmore, adding his jaunty sonics for his retake on collaborative track ‘Warm’ from Benny L and Dub FX. Wrapping up with vibrant melody and diced up samples, Rushmore moves you into a new dimension and creates a crescendo for the record to finish on. Flying beats and cranking LFO helps to underpin the track, proving it’s not just the long-timers who are here to make an impression.

Beatport Exc: 17th Feb

AudioPorn: Distribution & PR by Cygnus

Featured Releases Neurofunk Techstep

Blackout Evolution Vol. 3

Blackout Continues to EVOLVE!

Blackout recently released its Evolutions Vol. 3. This is a fantastic collection from the label with releases from Proxima, Merikan, Spashheads, The Clamps, and Cod3x. Proxima’s “Closely” with its massive baselines and snappy snare. Merikan, however, takes the cake here. This massively hype peace of danger is amazing. The drop and the synth hits in it with that old school reese style bass line is simply “sick” to say the least.